30 September 2008

Ok, I Get It......

Ok, I get it. Sometimes you start to wallow in yourself about things and you just loose focus on the reasons for doing something. 

I've heard from a lot of you and I thank you for letting me know you don't want me to leave my blog. I appreciate all your words of encouragement. 

It isn't always about the remarks you get but the love of it and the creative side it brings out in you. I must admit, I never had as many decorating books before than what I have now, because of the bog, and I've met a lot of wonderful women through this as well. Someday I hope to meet some of you in person. 

So thank you , and bear with me when I get that old feeling. 

I have a Followers List on my sidebar. Please join in if you like. 

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29 September 2008

Blog List Problem

Has anyone else had a problem with the new Blog List ?

When others put my link in it does not revert them back to me. So, I tired to do it on my other blog that has that list, and their right it does not take you back to my blog, it just takes you to a page that says not found. 

I thought maybe I had not put my address in correctly, but after copying and pasting my own address it still doesn't take me. So if any of you have an answer for me, I would love to hear from you. 

I tried to go to the Help section, but no help.


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27 September 2008

Opinions Please........

I need everyones opinion. Even those that lurk. 

What makes you come back to visit ?

Why don't you leave a comment ?

Is my site boring ?

Is my site exciting ?

Do I post about the same thing over and over again ?

Is it one of the first blog you think about when you go visiting ?

I know I am opening myself up for harsh remarks etc....., But I really want to know. I have been considering stopping my blog for lack of interest. By that I mean my numbers have dropped off so drastically.  So let me know.


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25 September 2008

All Ready For My Favorite Season

I am all set for the Fall. I decorated my coffee table with some wonderful finds. 

I finally found a large bell jar after searching everywhere. And of all places found this one at Tuesday Mornings. I almost drove past it after coming from Home Goods and something stopped me. It fits perfect on my silver cake stand. 

The pumpkin I found at Home Goods along with a few other goodies I'll share another time.

Then off to Big Lots again for more decor. Big Lots is a hit and miss sometimes. 

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24 September 2008

Started The Refinishing Project

This is the night stand that is part of the Blond bedroom set. I started small to see how it would turn out. It has five pieces all together and I think this is what I'll do with the rest of the the set.

I sanded then, applied watered down grey paint. Put a stain in Walnut over the paint,  then watered down gesso. Sanded it lightly after drying and then applied a natural wax then polished the wax after about 20 minutes. It's easy....

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23 September 2008


Wonderful and Sweet Sherri, from Edie Maries Attic has awarded me this and I will post it proudly on my sidebar. Thank you Sherri your so kind.

Yeah, Autumn, Is, HERE !!!!!!!!!!

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22 September 2008

Sweet Child and I've Been Framed

I got the other day for a birthday lunch with my longtime friend and on our way home we stopped at a thrift shop. 

I found this sweet looking child in a frame and the glass was bowed out so I could not resist, and as I was starting to turn to walk out a woman had just put this large gold frame up. Can you believe it was only $5.99.  I also found these great candle sticks. 

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend. 

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20 September 2008

And The Award Goes To......

Joyce from "Justified Journey" has awarded me with this. She's a sweet, hard working woman.

Thank you Joyce, I will put it with the others.

Have a happy weekend blog sisters........

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19 September 2008

Great Finds !

My fall wreath I found at Big Lots. I haven't had one in the past and needed to get one, so I looked through all the ones they had and choose this one. 

And look what I found. The bird cage at Goodwill, and the tiered basket and wire umbrella at an Antique shop I like to frequent. All this for under $30.  The birdcage needs a little glue on the top, but the rest of its Ok. 

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18 September 2008

What Blogging Has Done For Me

I wanted to share what blogging has done for me. 

Late last year I knew nothing of this world of bloggers. Oh, I had heard people have their own sites but never grew interested in knowing what it was all about. 

So one day after I had started cleaning around the house I decided to take a break and look up some decorating ideas. Now I have loved the Romantic side of decorating and thought I would look up that. So I put in Romantic Decorating and it took me to a few sites, and then I stumbled upon "My Romantic Home", which we all know is Cindy's site. I looked through her many pages and thought to myself this is wonderful are their others out there that have sites like this ? and how do I start something like this. So I emailed Cindy, and she responded with the information and from there I started my own blog. And what a world it has opened up for me. 

I have met so many of you through email, comments etc..... Just to share ideas, recipes, ups and downs and so much more.......

I look forward to looking at all the blogs so many of you have started and at first may have not know exactly what you would do with it and you just started and it evolved into who you are and what you love. 

You have shared your families, and your homes and your decorating ideas, and anything else that pops into your head. And I like this about the community of bloggers. 

We can share tragedy and love, birth, and marriage. Health concerns and health tips. 

And we know that we have a supporting cast in our lives. 

We find out that some of us share a bond of some sort. We develop friendships and sometimes we even get to meet one another outside our web page. 

And as we all know we have nay sayers as well that don't always share our point of views and that's Ok too. We are big girls and we can handle these situations with the same attention we have to our love of family and human kind. It's hard to take the knocks, but the good things we get out of those knocks are the concerns and support of those fellow bloggers. 

So, blogging has been an exciting journey for me thus far and I continue to love each day, because it's like a present you open, you never know what you'll get when you go to each blog, but it's exciting and you know it's done with love intended. 

Have a wonderful day !

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17 September 2008

Happy Birthday To Me.......

Today is my Birthday.......  Whooooppeeeee !!!!!!

I will be hopefully enjoying myself with friends and family. 

I will be 52, but I think I am 32. Age is just a number and that's how I'd like to think about it. Although my body sometimes likes to slap me up side my head and say's hey stupid remember your getting old.......

Oh, shut up what to you know, your just a bunch of bones and flesh trying to tell my mind that you can't do certain things. 

That's a picture of  me as a new born. Look at my fists I am ready to fight the world don't cha know. 

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16 September 2008

Autumn Decor

Aren't these pretty ! Quail in a Fig Tree. At Pottery Barn
These are wonderful pumpkin candles from Pottery Barn. They also have them in the natural color of pumpkins. 
You can get these there to at Pottery Barn. I love the bark. 

All pictures from Pottery Barn.

Tomorrow I go renew my license. I know one day before my BIRTHDAY. Talk about cutting things short..... Yikes I hope I pass.......

I have a second blog. So if you'd like to check it out, see my sidebar. It's of a French nature.

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15 September 2008

Fall Is That You ?

Well it sad but true, this is the only sign of the changing of the season I have around me. 

This small twig of a tree across the street from my home. 

Well at least it's cooled off. And we have been watching a lot of football. Yes, I like football. My son knows the game well and I just like seeing the tight butts and toned arms. But I do like to cheer them on.

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13 September 2008

House Hunting

So when I think of house hunting, I don't think of looking at the houses in my area. No I go for the gusto. I look at the UK. It's the English Countryside I look at. And when I do look, I fall in love. I think this is my true decorating style.

Some years back I was told by a psychic that all my past lives where in England. I don't know, but there may be some truth to it. 

I have never been to England though in this life, but it would be a dream come true. I would rather visit the countryside of England than the city. I spoke to a woman several months ago from there and she had said, Oh my dear don't visit the City's there to expensive, go and follow your dream of the countryside it's far better than our cities and much cheaper.  

So, my dream will someday come true, and I know the Secret.

Happy Weekend to All !

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12 September 2008

Grey/Gray and a Little Visitor

And my attempt at the French Grey. I thought I'd start out small. I had these candle holders They were black. So after I found some grey spray paint, I decided to use these as the guinea pigs. I think I like things grey/gray.  I have one more candle holder to spray to add to these, that I'll put on my coffee table.

While attending to my backyard yesterday, I was looking at how well my roses where doing and I found that it had a visitor. I almost did not see it. I don't have any idea what you call it.... but there it was. And of course I had to take a picture. It has yellow eyes.....

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11 September 2008

A Day Of Remembrance

Where were you when you heard the news ?

I was waking to get ready for work, and then there it was the second plane crashing into the second tower. Needless to say, I never made it to work that day. 

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08 September 2008

Prayer Day

Penny at Lavender Hill has brought to our attention a couple that are in need of prayer. 

Many, many bloggers have a deep faith and belief in prayer as well as I believe in the power of prayer.

I would like to have a combined prayer day on this Wed, September 10th the same day as the Benefit Concert for them.

The name of the couple is, Stephanie and Christian Nielson.  You can see their story on the link. They are parents of four children and they were in a plane accident in Arizona. Both were burned very badly. Stephanie 80% of her body and Christain 30%. 

It doesn't matter what time of day on this Wednesday, just this day. Of course you can pray anytime for the couple. 

I have never visited their blog, but as we all know, we don't need to know someone. All we need to know is anyone of us could be in this situation at anytime. 

Please pass this around. You can go to the link on my sidebar and get the code for your blog as well, for  "Nie Recovery".

Please note, this was my choice to present this. I have not done this as a request by anyone. 

Well I've said it before, you never know when something will happen that is close to home. My best friend of over 30 years, Aunt was Murdered a few days ago in a murdered suicide. This is the 4th murder that has been either a friend or family this year alone, in her life. So, you just never know. 

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Camera Held Hostage News At 11

My son has my camera for a project he's doing. So I had to go into my past photo's for a post today. Oh, sure I could have not done one, but it's become a habit. This is part of my hearth. 

Can you believe it's not hot outside today !!!. It's actually overcast and in the low 60's. Could this mean falls coming ??? lets hope so.

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06 September 2008

Have A Wonderful Weekend !

To all have a wonderful weekend. See you on Monday. I am going to look for some of that French Grey/Gray paint.

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05 September 2008

It's Pink Friday

In honor of pink friday I am presenting a Laura Ashley Bedroom. The simpleness of it and the french touches are what attracts me. 

Have a wonderful weekend to all my blogsisters. 

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04 September 2008

Think French Grey

So I've been looking at a lot of blogs that are from France. And started to see a theme. Grey, it seems to be a very popular color to use in every way. Much like our whites, pinks, blues and yellow. It's simple, soft and doesn't over power. 

Furniture, walls, candles, you name it and it's grey. 

So it got me to thinking of some of the furniture that I have that needs re-doing. And why not consider distressed grey on some. I like grey it goes with so much. And I like what I see on the French blogs. Now I know it's not the only colors they use, but it is or seems to be the primary color, shade what ever you consider it they use it. 

There are so many variations of grey, that you just have to see for your self.  I'll be going to Home Depot to check out the greys.

So, next time you want to consider a color or shade to use on your next project... Consider French Grey. Or is it French Gray.

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