18 September 2008

What Blogging Has Done For Me

I wanted to share what blogging has done for me. 

Late last year I knew nothing of this world of bloggers. Oh, I had heard people have their own sites but never grew interested in knowing what it was all about. 

So one day after I had started cleaning around the house I decided to take a break and look up some decorating ideas. Now I have loved the Romantic side of decorating and thought I would look up that. So I put in Romantic Decorating and it took me to a few sites, and then I stumbled upon "My Romantic Home", which we all know is Cindy's site. I looked through her many pages and thought to myself this is wonderful are their others out there that have sites like this ? and how do I start something like this. So I emailed Cindy, and she responded with the information and from there I started my own blog. And what a world it has opened up for me. 

I have met so many of you through email, comments etc..... Just to share ideas, recipes, ups and downs and so much more.......

I look forward to looking at all the blogs so many of you have started and at first may have not know exactly what you would do with it and you just started and it evolved into who you are and what you love. 

You have shared your families, and your homes and your decorating ideas, and anything else that pops into your head. And I like this about the community of bloggers. 

We can share tragedy and love, birth, and marriage. Health concerns and health tips. 

And we know that we have a supporting cast in our lives. 

We find out that some of us share a bond of some sort. We develop friendships and sometimes we even get to meet one another outside our web page. 

And as we all know we have nay sayers as well that don't always share our point of views and that's Ok too. We are big girls and we can handle these situations with the same attention we have to our love of family and human kind. It's hard to take the knocks, but the good things we get out of those knocks are the concerns and support of those fellow bloggers. 

So, blogging has been an exciting journey for me thus far and I continue to love each day, because it's like a present you open, you never know what you'll get when you go to each blog, but it's exciting and you know it's done with love intended. 

Have a wonderful day !

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Anonymous said...

Before the luxury of computers we had writing desks and pretty stationary and sometimes it took weeks for the recipient to receive our letters. Houses with wrap around porches, with folks visiting on a sunday afternoon waving at Mr. & Mrs. Joe Blow passing by. Along came the telephone that allowed us to spend hours chatting to family, friends and loved ones. We still have those two things and I am glad, and at times it appeared that the computer age was evolving so fast that we were becoming reclusive and house bound attatched to a key board and a monitor. Our children especially of this generation have grown up "computer" and that concerns me a little...and may appear somewhat detached socially. We can reach across the world in the time it takes to blink and in any kind of weather it goes. We are more connected with each other by an email address than ones own physical address. Cyber space is a wonderful place to hang out and make new friends and be a family online and that's what's so groovy about this unlimited form of communication and it can be so powerful because you create a wake that ripples each time you connect with someone and more power builds up to a network of the most amazing humans that can pray for you...cheer you on...be a shoulder for someone or just an ear or I guess it would be eyes that read our joy or pain and the hearts we touch along our paths we have chosen in this life. Praise Jesus for that!!! And of course the down side to all this home privacy and our computers is that those asshole freak pedophiles, can in the privacy of their homes, invade the lives of our innocent children without leaving the house. They network with each other and exchange tips, videos and pictures and it sickens me knowing how they are destroying children and no one can touch them because there are so God damn many of them, law inforcement can't keep up with them all. There's more of them now than ever before thanks to the computer I feel, and of course identity theives can violate us as well when we ain't lookin.
Off my soap box I go

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Glenda.....I think you just got one of those comments LOL
Interesting....don't you think and they had to curse to make the point too.
well...I have been free of negative comments so far....knock on wood.
I do not even want to get into why I posted about being nice.....
I do not care about awards...how many comments, etc...I just really enjoy the few wonderful connections I do make~blog hopping is fun too.
Like anonymous said....it used to be phones, etc... I used to be scared of the computer but I enjoy it now. It does not take the place of my physical friendships..it is just a tool to meet people that I would never have the opportunity to connect with.
I will be in San Fran on Sat.....still home right now :)

Tracie~MPMaison said...

Hi Glenda,
I started to read that anonymous comment and thought forget it. Anyway on with why I'm here - to say hello and that I agree with you about the world of blogging and I couldn't agree more with Sheri either.
Happy night!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Well, well, well. I'm not sure if your anonymous writer is happy about the Internet or hates it. Who knows. Maybe they are one of the perverts they are writing about. LOL

Oh no! You may have a big old fat, naked man reading your blog as he has a good ol' time if you know what I mean. LOL

Anyway, the truth is I'm SO happy you did start to blog because I'm thrilled I got to know you. One day I hope we can meet in person and have lunch together.

But, if it were not for the computer I know we would have never met.

Blogland is like a neighborhood. No matter where we live we all know a bit about what we like and don't like. We have some that we enjoy more then others. A few can be a bother (hello anonymous!) but all in all it's a wonderful place to be. I don't want to ever move away.


Joyce said...

Glenda! What a wonderful post!! I totally agree with you. Blogging has been a great thing for me to get into and I just love it. I can totally relate to what you said about it being like opening a present because you never know what you will find. I have my favorite blogs and can't wait to see everyday what my faves have posted. I could literally spend hours checking out new blogs and really have to limit myself with that, but this has certainly opened a whole new world that I am so happy I CHOSE to get into. Thank you for these wonderful thoughts!!

Diana Lyn said...

Hello my friend, Sorry I have not been on,I have taken a new job in July and have not had time to write much. My adventures are not that many although I just got back from a trip to Oklahoma so I am posting about that,,,,,,, so stay tuned! have a nice day ! Diana

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