31 March 2009

Michael's Rocks !!

Michael's is a favorite place to shop for inspirations. So when you find things that don't make sense right away, but their on sale, you know you'll figure it out. The beaded garland will be used although I am not sure how. But the "Jardin" planter will be used. 

A cute little colorful bird, will probably go on a nest. 

I found the white lace what look like a place mat at a new Thrift Shop I found that contributes to the welfare of cats. They'll look great on a shelf. 

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30 March 2009

What Did You Find ?

I will never have a 50Th Wedding Anniversary but that didn't stop me. I think the soft pink flowers on this are pretty.

I can never pass by a cherub without stopping to ask myself do I need it. I usually don't but what can I do, I have an addiction. Another thing found was this lead crystal vase, I'll end up putting a candle in because I love the glow and the twinkling of the crystal. 

The doggies transport went fine, only a few hitches, and that was traffic. They were so sweet.

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28 March 2009

Bird Lover and Fence Art

I have an affinity to birds. I love watching them come to feed and gather things for their nest building. They come alone or in groups to feed and gather in the trees behind my yard. The sweet sounds they make are welcoming. They get into arguments and you can tell one of them is head honcho of the bunch. There are all types I don't know the name of many but I love watching them. 

Do you use your fence to display things ? well I do. I find those metal signs in thrift shops and love to put them on the fence like art.

See my nice thing for planting on the fence that white thing ? I going to try and plant those flowers and ivy in it. I found it at Marshall's and thought it would be ideal.

I am off to transport some doggies today for an organization that takes them out of shelters and matches them up with loving families. I have two today so my friend Nancy will join me for the journey. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend !

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27 March 2009

Just Something Else To Collect

This is something new for me. Loving cups otherwise known as a trophy. It's my new obsession.
Don't know why except that I love the look of shinny silver and it was cute. 

I won it on Ebay. You would not believe just how much people actually bid on these. I have seen them go for as much as $300.00. I however did not pay that much I got lucky. 

So, I'll be looking for these out and about in hope of getting a deal. 

What's your new obsession ?

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26 March 2009

We Have A Winner !

I have a winner of my Giveaway. It's Cindy !, from My Romantic Home. I used my random generator to get the number so it was not a pull out the the hat. 

I swear this woman is blessed in some way.  


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24 March 2009

It's The Pits

I've been wanting a fire pit, but could never find one I liked, or they were priced to high. 

Well I found one that was reasonable in price and size and nice to look at. Big Lots of all places.

With the cleaning of the yard and the planting, I feel like it would be wonderful to sit outside and enjoy a fire on a cool night and be relaxed and invite a friend over for a nice fire and maybe a drink or two. 

Come by and sit by the fire with me............

Last chance to enter drawing for giveaway. The winner will be picked tonight at 12 AM PST, by random. 

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23 March 2009

I See PInk Bunnies

No I am not drunk. But this cute plater has pink bunnies. I found it at a Thrift Store and it looked as if someone didn't use it. It sill has the manufactures tag on it. I don't have many Easter things, so this is prefect.

There is still time to enter my giveaway down below is the post, to enter to win that beautiful mirror, and some wonderful Lavender Linen Spray. 

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20 March 2009


It's officially here !!!!!! 

Spring has sprung and the flowers are being planted. Sorry, ladies still with the snow, but I am so excited I can't contain myself. 


There is still time to enter my Giveaway. Look below for the entry post. Good Luck !

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19 March 2009

I Am In A Planting State Of Mind

Yes, I am touched by spring fever. I feel the need to plant things and get my hands dirty. So what better way to do this is to find things that give you an excuse for it. Like these gray boxes, you can use them for a number of things, but I'll use them for planting flowers. I found a beverage container with a spout and thought I'll use this for a terrarium it's perfect for it. You wouldn't believe the number of people that looked at this thing before I snagged it. 

And this is were the Cherub ended up at on the fence with a little planter. 

Found this cute little wooden birdcage, with a bonus if a little birds nest with eggs, and a rock.

Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY below this post. 

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17 March 2009

Giveaway !!!!!

I am having a giveaway, so spread it around. This Pretty Mirror and  Lavender Water spray. 

Giveaway will end on Wednesday, March 25th at midnight and will be chosen with a random counter. 

Anonymous entries must have their email address on their comment to enter. 

This is for no reason except it's been awhile since my last one, and it's getting close to my 300th post. 

Second best news is that the case was dismissed, and we all got to go home. NO JURY DUTY !!

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16 March 2009

Sweet Cherub etc.......

Cherubs are a weakness for me and this one was no exception. I had to put my touch on it and the second picture is the result. I found this little gem at the thrift shop along with the metal sign which I thought was cute and nostalgic it found a place on the backyard fence. 

These linens were a special bonus.

I have jury duty tomorrow of all days, St. Patrick's Day. Not looking forward on getting up early. I have to be there at 8 AM. And it's Superior Court. I don't like being picked, so I will keep my fingers crossed.

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14 March 2009

Sprucing Up The Backyard

It's still a little chilly outside, but the sun's been out and it inspired me to get to work on the yard. 

One project was to repaint the wicker chairs I purchased last year. They were worn out white and they needed a change. I first thought of red then thought it would fade to pink, so I saw the Apple Green and decided on that. Then I found the cushions at Marshalls and there you go. The table was black and I first thought of painting it white and did, but then I had this light blue paint and decided to do that instead, I am glad I did, it looks nicer. 

I finally hung my bird house, I have had it for a year. 

And the lounge chair is one of two that my parents had. Their off an old cruise ship. I need to find cushions for them and I'll be set. 

The backyard is a work in progress and it needs more cleaning up before I feel happy about it. The girls have to always put their stamp of approval so they have already stood on the table like their Queens. 

Dining Set Update : Well I could not justify the need for another table and chairs. So, I did not get it. It is a wonderful set, but I just could not justify it no matter how hard I tried. I weighed the pros and cons and the cons won. Some day maybe, but not today. 

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13 March 2009

Dinning Table Look See

Tomorrow I am going to check out this table and chairs. The owner needs to get rid of the entire diningroon set but I don't need it all, so I asked if they were willing to sell the table and chairs and they agreed. It has a leaf for it, but I don't know if i'll ever use it. 

So, if I do get it, I will be painting it white and recovering the seats. And getting rid of the table I had painted previously. The one I have is just to big for the space I have. 

Wish me luck and if I do purchase it..... I hope it will all fit in my SUV, if not i'll be bummed. 

Have a happy weekend !!

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12 March 2009

Birdcage Flower Garden and Forcing Spring Flowers

This is probably the beginning of an addiction to Birdcages. I am on the hunt not for bigger ones. It's all Joanne's fault from My Little Cottage In The Making. She took pictures of some from a shop in her area and I was hooked.  

And my paperwhites are blooming and smelling heavenly. 

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10 March 2009

Composite Doll

I came across this little baby in a small Antique Shop and thought Ok, it's giving me the snake eye, so this means I have to have it. Marked down like so many other things these day's I knew it had a home with me. At a closer look I noticed a hole in it's mouth and the light bulb came on. I had seen little babydoll bottles in another room. So I had to get it.  I have other composite dolls from my childhood and I love them. So, this is just another addition to my ever growing collection of things......

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It's The Little Things and More Of Sacramento

I have been looking for one of these crowns in many, many places in shops and online. Sometimes I'd find them, but they were sooooo expensive or they were priced right but SOLD OUT !!!!!. Well I finally found a reasonably priced in stock one and I could not pass it up, along with the little santos hands. They are so neat !

The other thing I found recently was this little pewter heart with a rose on it and Mother's Day written on it. And this cute little silver candy dish that I brought home and shined up. I love how they all look it's so my style. 

Here are a few more pictures of yesterday's adventure. The Homes and Marilyn's stall. I had so much fun, I wanted to do a do-over again today. 

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09 March 2009

Sacramento Antique Faire

It was a beautiful day for this. No rain, a little breeze and sunshine. A great day.  I only found a few things, sorry the pictures turned out blurry. I walked around and it seemed like nothing was catching my eye, bummer. But in the end I did find a few things. 

I first met up with Cindy, from My Romantic Home. She was standing in front of Tracey's stall and waiting to talk to her. I knew it was her from far away. We started talking and she showed me what she had found so far. I won't blow it for her, I'll let you see for yourself on her blog. I didn't get to speak to Tracey but only for a second as we were introduced. Cindy and I met up later and walked the rest of  the Faire, boy I tell you there was a lot of things to see.   

And I can tell you Cindy's just as nice and you would imagine. 

I then stopped at another stall on the way out and bought somethings from Marilyn. She also has a blog, marilynmarilynmarilyn.com I took pictures of her stall and we shared blog stories. 

Why I didn't take pictures at Tracey's ? I don't know and don't have an excuse, sorry Tracey !!

I also could not resist taking a few pictures of some of the homes around the area were I parked. 

Next stop, Petaluma on Sunday, April 26th, anyone want to join me then ??

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