09 March 2009

Sacramento Antique Faire

It was a beautiful day for this. No rain, a little breeze and sunshine. A great day.  I only found a few things, sorry the pictures turned out blurry. I walked around and it seemed like nothing was catching my eye, bummer. But in the end I did find a few things. 

I first met up with Cindy, from My Romantic Home. She was standing in front of Tracey's stall and waiting to talk to her. I knew it was her from far away. We started talking and she showed me what she had found so far. I won't blow it for her, I'll let you see for yourself on her blog. I didn't get to speak to Tracey but only for a second as we were introduced. Cindy and I met up later and walked the rest of  the Faire, boy I tell you there was a lot of things to see.   

And I can tell you Cindy's just as nice and you would imagine. 

I then stopped at another stall on the way out and bought somethings from Marilyn. She also has a blog, marilynmarilynmarilyn.com I took pictures of her stall and we shared blog stories. 

Why I didn't take pictures at Tracey's ? I don't know and don't have an excuse, sorry Tracey !!

I also could not resist taking a few pictures of some of the homes around the area were I parked. 

Next stop, Petaluma on Sunday, April 26th, anyone want to join me then ??

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Good memories. I lived in Sacramento for 7 years. I grew up in Yuba City which is 45 minuted north of Sacramento.

Glad you had a wonderful time.

Rue said...

Hi Glenda :)

You've been busy! Trips to LA and then Sacramento.... sounds like you've had a great time :)

I've always wanted to see the Queen Mary, but now I'm glad I didn't. I'm kind of a chicken LOL It looks beautiful though.


Rue said...
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Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Hi Glenda, it was so nice to meet you yesterday!!! You are just as nice as I expected!!! I should have me photos up a little later!

I plan on going to Petaluma next month so you can count me in!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Looks like it was a nice day for you. Wish I could have gone. I'm happy you got to meet Tracey and Cindy!

Love the things you got!

Man! I wish I lived near you so I could go with you to Peteluma. Heck, I just wish I lived near someone who wanted to hit up the flea markets with me. I love going even if I don't buy a thing. It's just fun to walk around and see everything.

Hey, who am I kidding. I know I would buy something. LOL


Joy said...

I would love to join you. Alas, I am in Michigan. Will be with you in spirit! Sounds like you had a lovely time Glenda. :o)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Looks like you got some great finds, and thanks for sharing your fun trip. How fun that you could meet fellow bloggers.

kimmcl said...

Hi Glenda I found your blog after reading Cindy's (My Romantic Home). I'm so jealous of that Antique Faire! I'm all the way on the east coast. Your wares look fabulous! I will be following your blog - it's just lovely! ~Kim

Bellamere Cottage said...

So many delicious things! Oh how I wish I'd been there. Love it!

I'm adding you to my little list of favorite girlies.....

Have a wonderful day.


Neabear said...

I am catching up on my blog reading. Can you fill me in on what is happening in Petaluma on April 26th? Guess I am out of the loop. Petaluma is only about a 1/2 hour or so from me.

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