28 May 2009

What Took Me So Long ?

Sarah Winchester, had money to burn and a mind to do it. Over 5.5 million dollars were spent before she died in this dream home. A little nuts, but this woman knew what she wanted and didn't let others stand in her way. 

With 160 rooms I am sure it was a bit confusing to get around. But I think she had the spirits on her side to help her. 

So, why a native Californian has not visited this place is beyond me.  So, I think I'll have to make a trip down there to see what I've been missing all these years. They have several tours including Flashlight tours and Friday the 13th ones as well. The tour I am taking cost only $28.00 and it takes you through the house and the grounds.  I'll be going tomorrow.

I'll let you know if any spirits tapped me on the shoulder......

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25 May 2009

Fake It and A New Acquisition

Who say's fake flowers aren't pretty ?

My newest angel, she is guarding the kitchen sink. Actually she or he is in the Kitchen, I don't have much wall space these days to hang a lot of additional things. So it is protecting me while I do the dishes or cooking, so I guess it's a Kitchen Angel. 

Hope you all had a great long weekend. 

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22 May 2009

Happy Memorial Day

We will probably stay home for the weekend. Pulling out the BBQ, marinating the meat, and fixing potato salad. It's hopefully going to be nice, and I'll be able to spend time outside. 

Hope everyone that stops by my blog has a wonderful weekend and a safe one as well. 

Let's stop and remember those who are in uniform, past and present. They are the ones that need celebrating and remembrance. 

Till next time. 

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19 May 2009

What To Do ?

Well I only went out to get dog food today, and came back with more than that. 

These were at my Thrift Shop I frequent. I don't know what exactly I'll use them for. I think they are so pretty. Any suggestions ladies, you are all so talented, I am sure there is something in you minds that I have not thought of. 

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18 May 2009

To Beautiful For Words

Is this not beautiful !. I found this on Google images. It's from Ontario Beach, in Toronto. I was struck by the beauty in the colors and the reflection. 

Off to another dog run today down south. 

The weather had cooled some, so makes it more comfortable to do things. 

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17 May 2009

Whew It's Hot !

It will last for 3 more days. Makes it hard to want to do anything.  

I had to clip one of my girls, Brandi because her hair was just to long, for the heat. After I clipped her she decided it was time for her to get wet. So when I went out to water the thirsty plants she had to chase the water. She was having a blast getting wet. 

For those of you in the same circumstance, stay cool and drink lots of water. 


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15 May 2009

Home For Roses

Can you believe it, finding a home for my roses, in these 14 inch terra cotta pots. What's even more unbelievable is I found them at Ikea for $5.99 ea. an unheard of price elsewhere. 

Now all I need is the soil and I'll have them in their happy home. 

Another backyard project. We are suppose to get some hot weather for a few days 80-85ยบ , so I might need to wait to plant them. I don't want to kill them. 

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13 May 2009

A Broach Is A Broach

Can't walk by and not be attracted to this broach, with all it's sparkle it just grabs you. 

The cute little coat of arms and what looks like a medal with out it's ribbon made this an easy choice. 

Both these broaches where a surprise find at my Thrift shop I love to frequent. 

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10 May 2009

National BBQ Month

Go down to the bottom of my blog to turn off the regular music.

Did you know May, is National BBQ month, me neither. But it is and it's time to get those BBQ cookers out of the shed and start stocking up on things to burn.......

Seriously, I think BBQ makes everything taste better. I've been using mine for the last few days, and you can't beat the taste. Put some wood chips in there and you get a better taste. You can't duplicate the taste in the oven or on top of the stove.

I love the sides with BBQ, like potato salad, pastas, grilled vege's etc.......

So, get those babies out of the cobwebs and heat up those grills, it's BBQ time !!!!!!

08 May 2009

Happy Mothers Day To All

Have a wonderful Mothers Day.

See Ya, later.....................

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06 May 2009

Mother's Day's Past

I was thinking it would wonderful, for all of us Mothers to Share our memories of  Mothers Days Past. 

Things that you've never forgotten that your children or child did or said to you, that stuck in you memory. I am going to include Mister Linky, so that you can do a post of it, and link it up so everyone can see or read, what has been a memorable time for you. 

My son gave me a card some years back, that meant so much to me. We had been having a rough patch in getting along, and I thought for sure I'd get nothing for mothers day that year. But to my surprise, he gave me a card. He had written inside something that goes like this. 

"Although we sometimes don't get along, I value you as my mother. You have always listened and sometimes did not always like or agreed with what I do, but I still love you no matter what happens between us. Besides your the only mother I have." he's 23 now and still is a sweet guy.

So, I'd like to hear whatever you'd like to share. I will run this for a few days so everyone that wants to, will have a chance...

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Change Of Taste And Style

I am finding over time that my taste changes. And this is one example. I love these ! I had been looking for new plates to replace some that I have had for awhile. I would find plates at thrift shops, of mostly the style of shabby chic. Although I still have some, I am slowly changing out those from my cabinet.

I am so eclectic in my style anyway, I can't define it, except to say, it's what suites me at this time. I think, I might need to go back and see what else suites me. These I found at Home Goods. 

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04 May 2009

I Love A Good Find

You never know what you'll stumble upon in a Thrift shop. 

My finds were this pretty Lead Crystal Vase and a pretty framed mirror. So I walked out a happy girl. 

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01 May 2009

Why We Love Blogging

Joy, at Cupids Charm is having a Blog Party about Blogging. Sharing why we love it. She has been featured in Artful Blogging, and is very excited to hear from everyone why they love it. 

So stop over and leave a comment. 

I have over 300 post now and never thought I'd even do that. I have met some wonderful women that have similar likes. And have met some of you in person, which was really great. 

I have had my day's were I didn't like it, because I see you stop by, but don't leave a comment, and I am working on that, so it doesn't bother me so much. 

But in the end I don't think a day goes by that I don't spend time looking at the blogs I love.

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