31 August 2009

California The Land of Fires

Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times

Here we go again, with the fires in So, California.

105,000 acres have burned so far. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

They have mandatory evacuations of 6,ooo homes in the areas affected.

I know they are not the only part of the country that are hit by disasters.

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25 August 2009

Rose Eating Dogs !!!

This is one of the new roses I have that is blooming still. One problem, they don't stay around long. My dogs love to eat them off the bush.... They smell wonderful, but if I don't get to them fast enough, they'll eat them.

My dog I had before them did them same thing. I don't get it. What is it about my dogs and roses that make them so attractive they have to eat them before I can enjoy them. Now I have to find an attractive way to keep them from getting to them.

Brandi my oldest, jumped up on the planter one day to eat them, and got the hair on her ear tangled up, all I could hear was her wining and I had to go out and untangle her. They are just like little children..

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20 August 2009

Still A Girly Girl

Fall is just around the corner, and I am getting that feeling of going to the darker colors of polish. I use to get my nails done for years, and mostly did the French Nail. But as of late, I am drawn to the darker colors.

Can you believe the Black Satin of Chanel is still as popular as it was when it came out ? it is. Pictured is the Blue Satin.

I like a pretty red or deeper colors more that the bright, although I've been know to wear a bright pink on my toes. I am still a girly, girl and love to play with make-up and polish.

The weather is cooler today, and it makes me want to start a fire and watch movies all day.....

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14 August 2009

Ain't This A Pisser

I am not a happy girl..... This is my T.V. I have only had it a short time and this is what I have to deal with every time I turn it on. For the first 20 minutes this is it.

Now I am asking for Sony to replace it with a new set. I don't think I should pay for repairs etc... So, I have written a letter demanding a brand new one. So wish me luck........

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06 August 2009

I Love Silver Trays

I have so many silver trays, just another weakness for me. I love this one. It's heavy and long. I am thinking it will fit on the back of my toilet. After I polish it up, I am sure it will look so, pretty, with towels and soaps. It's going to take a lot of elbow action.

I have been MIA on my blog a lot lately. I honestly do not have much to offer these days. And I have found myself loosing interest. So I am not going away, but just slowing down.

I have had some things in my life change and I am trying to adjust.

So, hang in there with me if you will.

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04 August 2009

Gordon Ramsey

I love watching Gordon Ramsey. He's straight to the point. Which is somewhat my style. One thing I have never done is eaten at one of his US restaurants. You can catch some of his shows, on BBC America.

He can't be all that scary, he's married with 4 children, and does show a soft side.

Who's your favorite Chef to watch ???

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01 August 2009

What'cha Gonna Do When They Come For You.....

I just wonder how long his time out was after this.

He ran just like they all do after a car chase. Take your keys with ya folks.....

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