26 September 2010

Son Off To College

Perhaps you have seen his picture on my righthand sidebar. My son Ricky, is now attending Southern Oregon University. It will be the first time he's living away from home.

What's great is I can still see and talk to him with the use of "Skype. And what a great tool and invention that has become.

He's endured the turmol from the loss of our home and everything else we've been through together.

I have been a single mom most of his life and he's turned out to be a great son.

I wish him luck and success in his studies and in life.

Love you,


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16 September 2010

I Could Use Some Prayers

I have a second Interview with a Doctor that I have done a Preliminary interview with a few weeks back.

My request is for prayer. I need this job so badly and it's for only a few days a week, but it's a start. 

I know the blogger community is strong with those that believe in the power of prayer. Please join me in praying for this opportunity to open up for me to get back into the work force.

Thank you all.

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