30 July 2008

I Need A Break

I am feeling overwhelmed with my parents home. I have to clean up the outside. Which means pulling weeds that are overgrown, mowing a lawn that has overgrown. Just have to make the house outside looking more buyer friendly. I don't have any help at the moment. Everyone is out of town or working during the day. So, I have too put something on hold, and it's going to be the blog for a few days. I finally got to borrow a friends lawn mower. So, I'll see you all in a few days. 

Take care ya'll

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29 July 2008

A Nice Surprise

I was waiting for my Lily to bloom, and this morning I looked out and there was a nice surprise.

Isn't beautiful.
And look at my Aloe, it's growing like wildfire. I would love to have a bigger garden, but haven't had time to work on it.  These all grow in my front porch.

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28 July 2008

Dream Big !

This is an image from the set of Somethings Gotta Give. I love the large room and table. This is a table size that won't fit in my dining room. I think round tables are best for dinner parties, it makes it easier for conversation.

Oh, to dream........

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26 July 2008

My Favorite Things

Visit Cindy at My Romantic Home for details.
This is my favorite thing in the house. It belonged to my parents. It's a Duncan Phyfe piece. It has wear marks but I don't care.

Some sad news this morning. Kari and Kijsa's father passed away this morning as a result of a major stroke. They all need our prayers. 

I admit I'm a copy-cat. I copied Cindy's idea for her cake pedestal. Using a candle holder, cheese cover and a 99 cent clear plate.  Thanks Cindy for the idea.

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25 July 2008

Last Minute Finds

I was at my parents today trying to refinish the dresser. It got late and on my way back home I decided to stop at the thrift shop again. I had been looking for things that have purple or lavender in them to re-stage a table. I have a lamp already, but was looking for other things. This little pitcher (vase) caught my eye and it jumped right into my hand. Not one thing wrong with it.

And wasn't it nice somebody polished this pretty silver tray. And I can't pass up Frogs for my flowers. It just goes to show, you never know what you'll find when your not looking so hard.

Those who visit Kari and Kijsa know they are upbeat people. Well they are having a family test. Their father has had a major stroke and is in a coma. They need prayers for them and for their fathers peace. Please visit them for the information, as well as their brothers site included in their updates.

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24 July 2008

Nice Rug !

This is a rug that I found in an Antique shop for $10-. It spoke to me, and wanted to go home and lay around a do nothing. Wish I could. So, I said fine as long as you are useful and make the house look good. One of my little girls likes it. She's the one the gets into everything, including pictures if she can. (Daisy)

I think it's a wool rug, I needs cleaning. It doesn't have stains or smells. But I wish I could put it in the washer. Oh, well.

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22 July 2008

Store Bought Roses

My store bought roses. I get them 3 for $12 at Lucky. I should have taken a better picture. I like having flowers in my home. It makes me feel cheerful when I see them.  And the colors are just so beautiful.

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21 July 2008

Thrifty Finds and My Mantel

These sweet little framed pictures look like their hand painted, but alas they aren't. I am thinking maybe I should paint them white with a little antiquing . What do you think ?

And the blue and white soap dish. Can you believe I got all of these for around $7.
I've never shown my mantel. It's got a lot of different things on it. The clock is a whined up chime clock, that I love to hear.  Chime clocks I could listen to anytime. 

The runner I acquired from Victorian Trading Co.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Started working on the dresser. It's a bigger job then I like. 

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19 July 2008

Everyone Have a Great Weekend

I am off to pull weeds and mow lawns at my parents home. And to refinish furniture. Have a happy and restful weekend to all.

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18 July 2008

Sweet Finds

This sweet little chintz candy dish was a steal, and the white pitcher I thought had a bit of a victorian look to it. Of course, I'll use the pitcher as a vase. Both found at Ross.

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16 July 2008

Whimsical and Pretty

I decided to look for something different this time when I went to my local thrift shop. I wanted to look at pillows and pillowcases. I usually don't because It just gives me a weird feeling of where it may have been. But I found pillows with covers that were removable and pillows that could be washed in the washer.
I love the detail on this pillow cover, it washed up so well. 
I don't know what pattern you call this. It's not battenburg ????
And look at this cute little doggie. It reminded me sooo much of my girls I couldn't leave it behind.
This too was a little white pillow with removable case. And the whimsical pillow, it just says it all.
I met with a Realtor on Monday and she suggested a termite report for disclosure for the house when it goes on the market and so she can quote me a marketable price for my parents home. This is going to be interesting. The house is livable, but has a lot of things wrong with it. So, it's going to be done with a lot of fingers crossed.

Well I heard from the Realtor regarding the termites. There aren't any. YAY !! 
The House will go on the market at the end of this month. Enough time to clean out the furniture I left behind. Now I have to get off my butt and refinish the dresser Ugh. The house will be sold AS-IS, due to it being an Estate/Probate property. That means no painting.

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What's On Your Coffee Table ?

This is currently on my table. It has a lot of wonderful and inspiring ideas.

This armoire I think is really done well.
One of my favorite type of chairs with a pretty, skirt.
Book and photo's courtesy  of  Creating the French Look, Publisher Cico Books London New York.
And how to on lampshades, painting, step by step.
I do recommend this one. Creating The French Look, By Annie Sloan

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15 July 2008

Sweet Little Cherubs

These Sweet little Cherubs were found in Sabastapol, CA. They fly over my front door.
Sweet chubby faces.
Wish I could hear their music.
Look at those chubby legs. Oh, how cute they are.

cherub , plural cherubim, kind of angel . Cherubim were probably thought of in the ancient Middle East as composite creatures like the winged creatures of Assyria. In Jewish tradition, they are described (Ezek. 10) as having four faces and four wings and also as beautiful young men; but late Christian art made plump children of them, as in Raphael's Sistine Madonna. With the seraphim (see seraph ) they are said to be in the very presence of God. The color surrounding them is traditionally blue.

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12 July 2008

A Need To Close A Chapter

It's time to sell our childhood home. It's been almost 2 years, since our fathers passing and 5 years since our mothers. Myself and my sister Gail, and my brother all grew up in this home.

It carries a lot of memories. It is now time to let it go to another family for them to have memories. Our parents bought the home in 1961. In 2007 my sister and I cleaned out the house with 2 large dumpsters, and 6 truckloads. We had and Estate Sale and were lucky to have sold so many things. We kept what we wanted and let go of the rest. 
This home was built in 1930 and it has a lot of good bones. It isn't in a location that I would want to live, although it is still considered a wonderful and highly sot out area.
I meet with a Realtor this coming Monday, and although it will be hard to say goodbye it's time, to move on. 
I am asking everyone out in Blogland to help send positive thoughts towards the final outcome, and to pray that it will end on a positive note.

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11 July 2008

The Table is Set and Ready for the Hens

I have the table ready and I am waiting on the Hens to arrive. I have a delicious Lasagna in the oven and it will be ready when the guest arrive. Come on in and lets talk trash.

I make a different type of Lasagna. I do not Pre-cook the noodles. And I use Linguisa,  Pepperoni, Ground Beef, Cheddar and Mozzarella cheeses. 2 jars of Marinara Sauce heated with the Ground Beef.  And just layer and layer till you get to the top. Cover it with tin foil, place it in the oven @425 for 1 hour and that's it.

Now for the Trash:
Did you here about so n so, she's been looking younger and younger every time I see her, hmmmm. And her husband, I hear has been seen with another women in a dark corner in the really expensive restaurant. I don't know about you, but I see trouble ahead for that marriage. 
And my neighbor down the street.... I've seen a man parking his car down the street and walking to her home and they spend about two hours together and then he leaves. When I asked her about it, she just said he's the decorator. Wow !, that house will look beautiful when it's done with all the time he spends there..

What's your trash ?

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10 July 2008

A Cherished Tray

My mother had this tray around the house for years. I think it was part of a set. It's hand painted. 
It's seen better day's. I am torn between trying to restore it or leave it as is.
If I keep it as is, I feel like I should put a clear coat of spray paint to keep it as is. What do you think ? 

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09 July 2008

New Lamp !

This caught my eye at Thrift Town the other day. A really pretty lamp for only $4.99. 
I love the detail of the roses. (Click on pictures to enlarge). I have a pretty pink lampshade I am thinking of putting on it.

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