30 January 2008

New Lighting

Isn't pretty ?

I found the petite chandelier on EBAY. I couldn't resist. I am changing out my 1980's lights that came with the house. I also, found a larger one that will go in the dinning area. The petite one will go in the landing area.  Funny changing 1980's for 1910.

24 January 2008

Books Recommended

I have a few book recommendations. You may already have them, but I was impressed by the contents. I like books that show you the different ways of decorating and I thought these were two of the best.

Charles Faudree's, Country French Living. And Luncinda Ganderton's, Creating Vintage Style.

19 January 2008

One of my favorites

This is one of my all time favorite flowers. As a child I really loved daffodils still do. I have  hydrangeas in my front porch in a box. The frost got to them, put they are hardy enough to come back.

18 January 2008

I Found a Table !

                                                                                        I went to a liquidation sale and found this table there. It was $235.00, I told the man that it was too much. He asked what I wanted to pay, and I told him no more that $175.00. So, that's what I paid.

I tired to find something in the Thrift Shops, but to no avail. I like it. Now I just need to get new carpeting and I am set.

13 January 2008

Ikea find

It's interesting to me that you can find things for what you need in the most unusual places. I found this in the lighting area of Ikea and thought to myself I could hang this from someplace and here it is in my kitchen over the sink.

New Goodies

These little sconces I found in a little Antique shop down the road from me called Grace's Antiques. They were only $6.00 for the both of them. They have a place in the back to put tea candles in them. Aren't they pretty !

11 January 2008

Need for another change

I have had Vertical Blinds since I moved in, in 1998. And now it's time for another change. So I am going back to drapes. I found these on J.C. Penny's we site. They were on sale along with some lace curtains. I can hardly wait for these to come. It's going to make things warmer. I ordered Olive for the drapes and white for the lace.

04 January 2008

It is raining like the dickens

It's is raining and the wind is blowing hard here in California. We need the rain, but can do without the wind. Well at least I can work on my house while it's raining. Took today off though, and will return to cleaning up tomorrow. This is after the storm.

02 January 2008

New addition

I went out and found a chair. It's not exactly what I wanted but it's darn close.

01 January 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all.

I myself had a very quite evening.
I didn't even know it was midnight till the
firecrackers went off.
I don't make resolutions, have never made 
Everyone have a wonderful year.

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