31 May 2008

Progress on The Chair

I painted the trim of the chair with an off white color, "Innocence" by Behr. It doesn't look off white but it is. 
The brown you see is what the chair looked like before the painting.
This is the detail on the legs of the chair.
And the detail of the back of the chair. Now I am having a problem with trying to decided on whether or not to put an antique touch to this. It was hard to paint around the fabric of the back without any tape, it just would not stick. But I managed using different brushes and other things to cover the fabric. I am a little frustrated though. I painted primer on it before applying the paint, but I think a should have sanded before the primer. I am afraid things will start peeling.  I need to find a great sealer for it. Any suggestions ? I am so impatient with these things. I think that's why I'm not a great refinisher. 

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29 May 2008

Homes of Santa Rosa, CA

While up in Santa Rosa, Ca this past weekend I wanted to get pictures of the homes in the downtown area. It's and older part of the city.
I took these out of the window of my car, so there not the greatest. 
This one is really cute and small. I would love to have a small cottage like this some day.
This one reminds me of a home in a hollywood movie, but can't remember the name if the movie. I have more pictures of these homes but, I'll post those at a later date. 

My chair is coming along. I still need to paint it a little more. Not sure of the antiquing though.

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28 May 2008

Yet Another Project

I've started another project. I found a chair similar to this one at Big Lots. Yes, that's were I got it. It has brown wood and a taupe fabric. I decided to paint the trim of the chair and off white color and antique it a bit. The only thing is,  it does not have is the detail on the top. 

I don't know why I don't do before and after photo's, lazy ? I guess. But it was a great find for $149.00. It's has the cushions already attached so it makes it harder to paint. Oh, who knows what I'll do next. I think the dining room table and chairs. I am just a redoing fool.

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25 May 2008

Kitchen Revisited

I finally finished painting my Kitchen. I am not sure how well you can see the yellow. It's a light shade and I took the pictures at night with the lights on. I know, I should have taken them in the daytime.
This is on top of the Frig.  I bought the birdcage in Sebastopol a few months back.
Another angle next to the stove and Refrigerator.
A night time view with limited lighting. I think I like the kitchen lit like this the best. I put tin behind the stove. I found a site that had a lot of choices. As you can see I have a very small kitchen in my townhouse. 

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to All !

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23 May 2008

Happy Memorial Day Weekend !

I hope everyone out in Blogland will have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend.

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21 May 2008

My New Purchase

I had been looking for a pretty garden sign and I found it on "Cottage Chic Store ". I received it the other day and I think it is so pretty. I will hang it over the patio door. 


P.S. My sister that I wanted to consult on the furniture painting of our parents furniture (mentioned below in a previous post) said to go for it, it's just wood and it doesn't mean anything to her. Just thought I'd mentioned it.

20 May 2008

Changed My Blog

For one reason or the other I keep changing my blog. But this time I think I've found one I'll let stick around a bit. I like the color blue and this seems to make me happy.  What do you think ?


19 May 2008

Show and Tell

My little treasures found yesterday. I plan on using the tall container to hide my bathroom plunger in, they are so ugly and I don't have a cabinet to put it in, although I do have a garage to put it in. Oh, well this will work.
This plate was on clearance at Home Goods, I love the chandelier on it, it will be hung on the wall.
Aren't these shoe's cute. They are small and look like they were a little girls or a very small footed woman.
The heart I am going to put the buttons on. 
This blue and white plate will look wonderful on the wall. And this shoe form, it's also a small foot. I could not leave this behind. 

It has cooled down quite a bit here and I just had to get out and found all the wonderful treasures.


17 May 2008

Trouble in my Decisions

These are the highboy and the dresser of my parents. The mess was in my parents house when we cleaned their house out.

There are sometimes that I keep changing my mind on things and it drives me crazy. I have furniture that belonged to my parents that I have not moved yet into my home. Reason, I haven't cleaned out my bedroom of all the clutter. And I do mean CLUTTER. I went through a faze of buying clothes, I guess you could call it obsessive. I have since stopped buying the clothes and now they are just everywhere. I will get rid of them, (It takes time).
But now I am doubting that I want the furniture. After seeing all the dressers that have been painted white, I would love to have white furniture to brighten things up.  I am now thinking maybe I'd want that. I would not however paint the furniture of my parents. They are antiques and I like them, but I am torn. Oh, decisions, decisions.


I Am Melting !!

It is still HOT!! here. I can't stand to leave the house and get out. The only saving grace would be to drive around in my air conditioned SUV But, then I'd waste gas. Please someone turn on the AIR !!!!

Pray for cooler air.


15 May 2008

They Look So Real !

These roses look real. I found them at our local JoAnn Fabrics. They are relocating and everything is 30 - 40% off. I bought the entire bunch. I found the vase at Thrift Town for $2.99. They look perfect in there.

Have a wonderful day !

14 May 2008

Baby It's Hot Outside

Picture courtesy of : Square America Snapshots

Well it's starting to cool off here. It's been in the 90's all day. I have all the doors open and I don't have air conditioning, so I may spend the night downstairs tonight. Just came in from watering my flowers, boy were they thirsty.

Have a wonderful evening !

12 May 2008

Pair of Chairs

I found these on Craigslist and I am going to check them out tomorrow. They are only $75.00 for the pair !. I hope there to my liking.
I would love to have them for my dinning room. I have a small table now with only two chairs. Either I'll replace them with these or pass on them depending what they look like. I am excited. Hope they'll be a great find.

I didn't get the chairs. They were not to my liking. They were kind a cheaply. Oh well, I'll look around some more.

Sneak Peak

After painting the walls, I decided to paint the inside of the cabinets. There still not all done. My Kitchen is in a shambles. The inside of the cabinet is the blue paint, that I thought I was originally going to paint the walls. So as to not wasted paint I thought why not. It makes the cabinets lighter and easier to see in.
This is the yellow. It's Behr paint in "Manila Tint". The picture was taken at night and so, it may not be the best choice of when to take this, and again my Kitchen is in shambles. Another day, another paint brush. URGH

Have a wonderful day !

10 May 2008

Happy Mothers Day to All

In remembrance of my mother. It's been 5 years since her passing. She was a woman that I remember as a loving mother. She had her moments as we all do. She was a spit fire when she had to be. She taught me that harsh words are never really necessary. Some of the funny things I remember are we were in church years back and we were asking permission to go somewhere with a friend and for some reason she did not like what she was hearing from us and out loud she just said "Oh shit" for everyone to hear, and she said to us, now see what you made me say in church. 

Or when we were in a store and she couldn't get out fast enough to go outside and she jumped the poles keeping the charts inside, it may not be funny to anyone else, but it was funny to us. Because sometimes it was a little out of character for her. But she was always softly firm in her actions and faithful to God. We miss her.This is an old picture of my mother and her mother. My Grandmother was a farm woman in Missouri and a mother of 8 children. My favorite thing I remember was when she wanted to swear. She didn't say damn it or shit. It was  "Ah Swan". Maybe it was her way of saying I swear, but that was her curse word, I never heard her say anything else. She too was a woman that said little, but you knew she meant what she said. I wish I could have talked to her more.


08 May 2008

Away Painting My Kitchen

I have finally gotten around to painting my kitchen. It has such crazy angles and is time consuming. I finally decided to paint it a light yellow with white trim. At first I thought about a light blue, but decided it did not go with my oak cabinets which I might paint white. Well see after I get done with the walls. 
Have a wonderful day !

05 May 2008

Feeling Better and Gone Shopping

Well I guess I am not as well as I thought. I forgot to include the rooster I found at Thrift Town.

Silly woman.
My Michael's and Thrift shop finds. A tall vase for my pussy willows. A tea light with battery.
Pearls and rhinestones, and silver, along with a very shinny clock.
White plates that already came with hangers. And fancy tissue for my nose.
A little french spoon rest.

And pretty blue and white plates to add to my growing collection of plates.
Can you tell  I am feeling better ? 
I was able to get out Sunday, and what's a day without thrift shopping ?
(click on pictures to enlarge).
Have a wonderful day !

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