13 December 2012

French Dome Cathedral

It's been awhile since my last post here and I thought what better time to share with those still in BlogLand then this time of year. I do come to my blog from time to time just to see who is still around and who has left the blogging community and I am so happy when I see a lot of the people I got to know from the beginning of my blogs. 

Christmas time for some is a time of reflection of the year and to be happy and joyful with our family and friends and for some it's a tragic time. Not everyone celebrates or wishes to celebrate this Holiday and that's okay, for some it brings back sadness and loneliness, it could be a anniversary of someone's death or the reminder that loved ones are gone or you're away from home and no one around to celebrate the holiday with, I think we all need to reflect on the joy this season brings us and extend that joy to someone in need or to contact someone we have not seen or spoken to for perhaps months or years, this is a time to put aside any hard feelings. 

With the busyness of this time of year we forget to stop and think about those without jobs or those with families that are struggling to cope, put yourself in there shoes for a moment and think about how it would be to not be able to celebrate this season or be able to give your loved ones a small gift, it would be hard wouldn't it? 
So in closing I ask you to reflect, share and think of others. 

Have a Happy Holiday Season
Merry Christmas 
and Goodwill towards others.
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