29 June 2010

The Move Is Over

I sold the house and have moved out. A short sale avoided a foreclosure. It was hell moving out. You never know all you have till you move. And collecting over the years hadn't helped either. One thing I did learn was that I need to go to the storage and get rid of more things. But instead of just donating I need to sell some things. I have things I know I can sell. 

It was exhausting work. I had friends helping but it took it's toll on all of us. I had so many bruises in places I didn't think it could happen and wondered just how I got some of them.

Now the downside to this all. I am still looking for work, and have no permanent home. I am in fact living in a Residence Inn. It's too expensive to stay here for much longer. 

The three things I need and pray for are, a car, job and a home to live in. I am even considering re-locating out of state for a cheaper place to live other than living in high priced California. My son leaves for College in September for Oregon, so why should I not take that opportunity to do something as well ?

Thank you to those that still come by once in awhile to check in. I do hope that someday I will be back to blogging or at least using the blog to sell things.

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