27 February 2009

Door Knobs And Feeling A Little Better

I love old door knob's. Here's some in a basket in one of the shops I visited with Joanne,  and others that were in a case. They just look better than the reproductions. I person could go crazy with things.  I should have gotten some and put them on my doors at home. Sometimes, your brain just freezes when you get into this type a candy shop. 

I am feeling better. I haven't felt this bad in a long time. Fever, body aches, coughing. I slept most of yesterday. It's hard when you have little dogs and they can't keep their mouth shut. 
Anyway, I hope to be back in the saddle again soon.

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26 February 2009

My Finds In LA

I will have to go back to L.A.. I found some wonderful things while there. The picture with the bowling pin is what I got there. And the three goblets in there case as well. 

There were so many wonderful things in both shops and more. These are some of the pictures I got. I fell in love with so much. I would go completely broke it If bought everything I saw. I might go back in May to see what else I can find. 

You'll have to forgive me if I don't post for a day or so. It seems like I have the Hotel Flu. After staying in a room that who knows what germs there are I am sick, with body aches and a badly congested chest. I'll be back when I feel better.

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24 February 2009

Queen Mary Ghost Adventure

Our trip to the Queen Mary was to go on a Paranormal Investigation Tour. Which started at Midnight, Friday evening the day after I arrived. Joanne came with me on this tour. We got there a little early and started to look around after using the Bathroom. As we came out there was a staircase and I took a picture and there it was. A large orb. I showed Joanne. She started taking pictures as well and starting getting similar results. 

The picture below is of crew quarters down deep in the ship, and again another orb(s).
This is the pool area that has had numerous reports of Ghost sightings. One of a little girl, another of a woman and another of a sailor. Look up in the upper left and see that figure it's not of anyone in our group in fact it's not of a person. It appears when you enlarge it, to be see through. I did many comparisons to see if it was a person with the other below and they aren't the same.
This is a hallway leading down to the pool area where there have been other sighting of things. See the bottom of the picture there are two orbs right next to each other. 
And this is the outside of the Queen Mary. It's still awesome.

Joanne and I had a wonderful time. We really got a workout going up steep stairs and ladders and one in particular 15 ft straight down and in to the lowest part of the ship were prisoners of war were held and died. There I was poked in the butt and there was no one behind me but a wall. I felt it and it was a poke like a finger. I didn't tell Joanne till later, I didn't want everyone to freak out down there. I wasn't the safest place to go nuts in. 

It was fun, except for the guide he was so negative. 

What's your story, have you experienced anything that you've never talked about before, or are afraid people think your nuts or your making it up ????


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Driving Through Beverly Hills

Using my camera to take a video while driving through Beverly Hills at night. Joanne drove me there after our adventure to Hollywood. It's a weird feeling to see things you have seen on TV or in magazines in real life. 

Lots of Rolls Royce and Bentley's going around town. 

The only famous person I did see was over at the Oscars. As we were driving in the garage, Wolfgang Puck was driving out in his Black Escalade, guess he was checking out his swarey for the up coming evening.

This Video has audio, so you'll need to turn down my music before listening. 

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22 February 2009

And The Oscar Goes To !!!!!

This is what it looks like driving down Hollywood Blvd. toward the Kodak Theater where the Oscars are held every year.  Can you see Oscars head just above the top of the car ? They block the street off to prepare and stage the entrance.
This is the big billboard you have probably seen hundreds of times on T.V. It's huge and overpowering, like many stars. LOL
And this the Kodak Theater were they are going to give someone an Oscar, whoever that well be.

The setting up of the walkway, were the stars will walk down into the theater with the screams from all the fans. I can't imagine what that sounds like. 

Joanne from My Little Cottage In The Making was gracious enough to take me to Hollywood to see what it's all about. It was exciting and crazy. Every walk of life wants to be there. From other countries and states. It was crowded and overwhelming. 

This was my first visit down to Southern CA. in a long time. I came as a child with my parents but don't remember all that much. We may have been by these places but don't have any recall of them. 

Joanne and I had a blast, it was like we had know each other longer than just a few days.  I love meeting new people and it was a wonderful experience. 

I have other pictures and stories to tell of this trip, but I'll share later. I wanted to do this post because today is the day for the Oscars and share my experience. 

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18 February 2009

Road Trip to So. California

I'll be leaving bright and early tomorrow for So. California and won't be back until next week. Going down to see the Queen Mary and do a little ghost investigation, with Joanne. 

I'll be sure to take plenty of picture of our adventures, who knows I might end up with a ghost or two on my camera. 

We have some plans already in place, I only hope the weather will hold up for it. 

I haven't spent much time there, you would think that if I live here I should visit all of Calif., but as you all know it's a big state. 

Until next week. I won't posting anything in advance. But I know I'll have a lot of great things to share with you. 

Adios !

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17 February 2009

Another Obsession You Say ?

Photo Credit: The Beautiful Life

Now I have another obsession Santos Dolls. There is something about them that is so interesting to me. The aged look and the the history behind them. I love the little hands from them. 

Their history is they are from Spain and used in Religious parades and ceremonies. They are not cheap. I've been pricing them. But they have their own beauty and I am attracted to them. 

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16 February 2009

Weather Report !

So we are getting the water we so badly need. I haven't been anywhere with the high winds and pouring rain.  This is the Bay Area forecast and I don't think will see the sun for a couple of days. 
Its dangerous on the roads, their still slick. My son came home from the L.A. area and on his way he spun out, doing a 36oº coming off the freeway. He was lucky that there wasn't another car around him at the time. Something a mom doesn't want to hear, but he's fine and thats all I care about. 

We are getting our winter, and were getting snow on a local mountain. I'll have to get out tomorrow to do grocery shopping yikes !.

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14 February 2009

Happy Valentines Day

To all the lovers in the world, have a happy and wonderful Valentines Day. 

Can you believe it's snowed around here. We have a mountain around here Mt. Diablo, it's tallest peak is 3,849 ft and it snowed. We get that here once and awhile. It hailed yesterday the size of peas, so I am guessing that's when it snowed on the mountain.

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13 February 2009

Wonderful Shop


                                             Photo Credit :elizabeths embellishments

I found a wonderful online shop "Elizabeth's Embellishments". I found these Apothecary jars. I have a small kitchen so counter space is limited. I love the look of them. 

This shop has  a lot of beautiful things and very reasonably priced. 

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12 February 2009

New Finds and A Dribble Catcher

So, for some time i've been looking for a cream cake plate and lo and behold I found one. It was at the Goodwill and I think it's so pretty. I also found the other things there as well along with this pretty teapot. You must think I spend everyday in the thrift shops, I really don't. 

And have you ever seen these great little dribble catchers ? 
My sister sent them to me knowing I love to use my teapots. They work really well.


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11 February 2009

We Are All Gods Creatures

I felt compelled to post this picture after seeing it. As a result of the devastating wild fires in Australia that have killed over 200, people are not the only victims of the fires. Animals are victims as well. 

This just touched me, to see a firefighter giving one of Gods creatures a drink from his own water bottle. He could have walked away and let it fend for itself, but stopped to give it a drink, I am sure it is extremely HOT there and this poor Koala, would have died from thirst. 

Please include Australia in your prayers, they need them badly. Many people died because they were only given 5 minutes notice. They have lost everything. Some people were even burned alive in their cars the fires moved that fast. 

P.S. The Koala was picked up by a wildlife refuge. It's paws were burnt. It will remain there until it's healed than returned to the wild.  Also, you may not be aware that these fires were deliberately set, by someone. They are not natural fires from lighting strikes. 

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09 February 2009

A Surprise Offer To All Bird Lovers

I was contacted by Chantelle Simoes who has opened an online business selling Birdhouses at Your Bird Oasis. She is extending an offer to all those who visit my site a 15% discount upon purchase. All you need to do is put this code in "bird2009" at the ending process were it request a code.

Above is a picture of one of the many wonderful birdhouses they offer, among other bird products. Stop by the link in this post to take advantage of this offer.

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A Day Off

Everyone needs a day off from blogging or posting. Today's my day. 

I leave you with Pepe La Pew, ah he feels love is in the air.....................

Have a wonderful loving day.

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06 February 2009

I Am A Kleptomaniac

I admit I steal ideas. So when Joanne from My Little Cottage In  The Making showed recently a place that made little gardens out of birdcages I said to myself, self you need a birdcage to make a mini flower garden out of. So on the hunt I went. I found this little beauty on Ebay. So now all I need  is the flowers and dirt. I'm excited to show you when it's done just how it turned out.  Thanks, Joanne for the idea.

Now I know what my son does when I am out of the house. He holds my babies captive up on the landing of my staircase. Aren't they cute with their evil looking eyes. 

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05 February 2009

Queen Mary Here I Come !!

The Queen Mary is located in Long Beach, CA. 

I am taking a trip there this month to take the Paranormal Investigation Tour.  Joanne, from My Little Cottage in the Making is coming along with me. I'll be leaving, Thurs. the 19th and returning the 22nd. 

It will be the first time I'll get to met Joanne in person. We have talked already on the phone and we had some good laughs. I know well have a great time. 

Well probably do a few other things together, we'll have to brain storm. I don't want to come back from there without something really, really great. 

I am getting excited I just know it will be fun.

We need to say a prayer for a sister Blogger. Becky from Sweet Cottage Dreams has lost her older son yesterday. Please send your love to her.

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03 February 2009

Forcing Spring and My Toile Find

I know, I know I am shoving spring in your face, but the weather has been wonderful here. I feel for all of you in the midwest and east that are dealing with the ice and snow. But I can't help myself. 

I found these paperwhites in Home Depot the other day and just had to buy them. I had found the perfect metal planter for $5.00 the other day and just had to do something with it. So, yes I am forcing spring. 

This is the toile valance that I had found on my great adventure. There are tabs that it hangs from but it would hang to low if I hung it that way, so I ran the rod through another part of the curtain and it looks better. 

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