16 February 2009

Weather Report !

So we are getting the water we so badly need. I haven't been anywhere with the high winds and pouring rain.  This is the Bay Area forecast and I don't think will see the sun for a couple of days. 
Its dangerous on the roads, their still slick. My son came home from the L.A. area and on his way he spun out, doing a 36oº coming off the freeway. He was lucky that there wasn't another car around him at the time. Something a mom doesn't want to hear, but he's fine and thats all I care about. 

We are getting our winter, and were getting snow on a local mountain. I'll have to get out tomorrow to do grocery shopping yikes !.

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Neabear said...

Yay for the rain! It is pouring here. Sonoma County was going into mandatory water rationing. I am hoping this rain will get rid of that mandatory part. Today I was noticing how high the streams and creeks are getting. That is a good sign. I hope the resevoirs around here fill up from this good rain. My only problem is the leak in our bathroom. We have a bucket to catch the drips. I am surprised at how quickly the bucket is filling.

Joanne Kennedy said...

Yup! It's coming down in buckets here right now. I so love the rain through. I do hate to drive in it. Sure hope it stops for your trip down here though.


Barb said...

Hi Glenda,

The rain is headed here. We need it but I really don't like to drive in it either. Take care.

Margaret Cloud said...

I didn't know the weather got this bad in California, be careful and safe.


Hi Glenda,
It seems like we take turns with bad weather and sounds like it's your turn. Maybe you can stay home and hang out with your puppies?!

Rue said...

Hi Glenda :)

I'm so glad your son is okay! That must have scared him AND you to death.

Thank you for the link to Elizabeth's Embellishments. Now I will probably go broke ;)

Thank you so much for your very sweet compliment on my bedroom!!


Jann said...

We have a mess over here in Sacramento, too--so much wind and rain, dark, dark skies for the past few days--we need the water, but, why, oh why, when we've had such a beautiful, warm winter, did the heavens decide to pour down on us when I had baby granddaughters and kids come to visit from Oregon and Idaho? Oh well, we had a great time, anyway! Hope you're having a good week! Smiles, Jann

Anonymous said...


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