30 January 2008

New Lighting

Isn't pretty ?

I found the petite chandelier on EBAY. I couldn't resist. I am changing out my 1980's lights that came with the house. I also, found a larger one that will go in the dinning area. The petite one will go in the landing area.  Funny changing 1980's for 1910.


Anonymous said...

what a lovely chandelier, Glenda. NICE find. I don't blame you for wanting to escape from the 80's decor. I live in a rental right now, and they last decorated in about 81, I'm figuring.

Enjoy your new lighting!


Jacki said...

It's absolutely beautiful! I couldn't have resisted either.

Nancy said...

so it's kinda bazaar seeing the house on the
internet.. i see the girls are part of the
party.. and of course..ricki

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