04 August 2009

Gordon Ramsey

I love watching Gordon Ramsey. He's straight to the point. Which is somewhat my style. One thing I have never done is eaten at one of his US restaurants. You can catch some of his shows, on BBC America.

He can't be all that scary, he's married with 4 children, and does show a soft side.

Who's your favorite Chef to watch ???

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Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh I'm with you on Godon Ramsey. I love watching Hell's Kitchen.

But I would have to say my favorit chef to watch would be my nephew! We never in a million years would have guessed he would grow up to be a head chef at a resturant when he grew up.

OK, I know your question was about which one on tv. I have to admit that Gordon is the most fun but I also love to watch some of the ladies on Food Network but they are not really chefs. They are cooks.

Miss our chats. Going to try yet another ghost hunt this weekend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed this one actually happens. The last two were such big let downs.


Anonymous said...

He hasta be tough to wean out the sissy's who can't hack the pressure they'll be subjected to and will need to be a kick-ass pro chef. Myself...I love mexican food so I follow and re-create recipes from Rick Bayless. He hangs out in Mexico tasting the food from the locals and visits those little off the beaten path places and sits down and eats right in front of ya and I drool everytime. I've made his Carne Asada and Cafe Tacuba-Style creamy chicken enchiladas......
Right now I'm roasting some yard bird in the oven for another batch.

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