17 May 2009

Whew It's Hot !

It will last for 3 more days. Makes it hard to want to do anything.  

I had to clip one of my girls, Brandi because her hair was just to long, for the heat. After I clipped her she decided it was time for her to get wet. So when I went out to water the thirsty plants she had to chase the water. She was having a blast getting wet. 

For those of you in the same circumstance, stay cool and drink lots of water. 


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Hey Glenda,
I don't know if you have tried this but I do especially on hot nights so I can sleep. Put a big bowl of ice in front of your fan and direct the air so it bounces off the ice. It will cool the air instead of circulating warm air.
Lisa & Alfie

Glenda/MidSouth said...

It gets pretty hot here, especially in July and August. We had a front to roll thru during the night and it was pretty chilly when I got up this morning. The water probabley was helping to cool her off while she was having fun playing. :-)

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

It sure is hot, Glenda! Three more days, yikes! I've been drinking bubbly water with lemon like crazy. Sounds like your dog got a real treat, cooling off.
Au revoir sweetie.

She's Gone Fishing said...

Hey you wall-eyed polecat...it's been hottern two possums in a mail box here in the desert and also drier than lizard spit on a hot rock but honey I sho do loves the heat, especially at night when the crickets n frogs sing me to sleep...usually a cricket will sneek in under a door and hop right by Callie and end up in the bathroom...

Rue said...

Good morning Glenda :)

I'm sooooo not ready for hot weather, but it looks like it's coming our way after it leaves you. Stay cool!


sa said...


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