18 May 2009

To Beautiful For Words

Is this not beautiful !. I found this on Google images. It's from Ontario Beach, in Toronto. I was struck by the beauty in the colors and the reflection. 

Off to another dog run today down south. 

The weather had cooled some, so makes it more comfortable to do things. 

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Joyce said...

The colors are gorgeous!!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Beautiful - Thanks for sharing.

Joanne Kennedy said...

Hello! I'm back and finally getting caught up on everyone's blogs. This is a lovely photo. Love the reflections.

What dog run are you doing?

Is it still hot there? It's been very nice down South here. Sun is out but not hot at all.


Allidink said...

How nice! Have a nice dog run.

All the best,

Claire said...

This is one AWESOME photo!

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