15 May 2009

Home For Roses

Can you believe it, finding a home for my roses, in these 14 inch terra cotta pots. What's even more unbelievable is I found them at Ikea for $5.99 ea. an unheard of price elsewhere. 

Now all I need is the soil and I'll have them in their happy home. 

Another backyard project. We are suppose to get some hot weather for a few days 80-85ยบ , so I might need to wait to plant them. I don't want to kill them. 

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Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Very pretty, Glenda. I'd hold off planting them too, I have some plants left to pot but I'm waiting until next week when it cools here. Stay cool, I think it will reach 100 here on Sunday. Keep your puppies cool too!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Good price on the pots. I can't help you on when to plant roses. I have never had a lot of luck with them, and where I live now my courtyard does not get enough sun in the Summer. Which in many ways is a good thing, as it keeps it a little cooler. Have a great weekend.


Hi Glenda,
I bought a few plants for the outside and will plant them tomorrow as it's going to get COLD tonight...ugh...spring in MN isn't always FUN.
Deb :)

Allidink said...

Those are adorable, what a great price :)

All the best,

Joyce said...

Good deal! I can't wait to see them planted. How pretty they will look!

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