10 May 2009

National BBQ Month

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Did you know May, is National BBQ month, me neither. But it is and it's time to get those BBQ cookers out of the shed and start stocking up on things to burn.......

Seriously, I think BBQ makes everything taste better. I've been using mine for the last few days, and you can't beat the taste. Put some wood chips in there and you get a better taste. You can't duplicate the taste in the oven or on top of the stove.

I love the sides with BBQ, like potato salad, pastas, grilled vege's etc.......

So, get those babies out of the cobwebs and heat up those grills, it's BBQ time !!!!!!


Allidink said...

HAHA. That video was...hilarious LOL. I love southern BBQ oh I do I do I do. :)

All the best,

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I love my grill. I use it all year round!!! I saw fresh corn on the cob the other day in the grocery store. That really got me in the mood for some BBQ chicken!!! I'm with you...I love the side dishes that go with BBQ meats.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Love good BBQ, and like you, all the good sides. My grill is pathetic and it needs to be replaced this year.

She's Gone Fishing said...

Me n puss cat fired ours up this weekend...I love the smell of dead & charred animal on the grill. I soaked some oak chips in water still soggy, like Harry would do, then made up a cajun rub recipe I found in my MSO mag that Emeril shared and I perfumed the neighborhood. Every time I smell BBQ smoke it takes me back to Gardners Cove and Shaws Shady Acres....Wish I could go back in time...But I can't so having those smokey memories is as good as goin back there!!
thanks for the E-card honey

Joyce said...

I love a barbeque!! We use it all year round also, but usually go in spurts with it. This was a great post Glenda!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

My husband's been wanting to BBQ. I didn't know May was BBQ month, but that would explain why they are having the BBQ Festival at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO! We went yesterday and the brisket was wonderful! Twyla

Lisa @ On Cloud Pink said...

Glenda, have you ever had ribs from a pressure cooker! OMG! The meat is unbelievably tender and delicious. My kids love it! In fact, they love my pressure cooker! Every meal I've made from it, they always come back for seconds. Otherwise, we're usually a one serving family.


Simply Susan said...

Actually, I did know that May is National BBQ month. Of course, having lived in the South all of my life and less than a 100 miles from Memphis, TN, I would be a dummy not to, lol.

Jann said...

Well, Glenda, you've inspired me to get busy and start using our barbeque--I'm hungry!

Barb said...

Hi Glenda,

We are serious grillers. That grill is going on a very regular basis. Hubby thinks he is the king of the grill.

Have a great week.


Donna Lynn said...

Hi Glenda,
We use our grill all the time here, winter too, pouring down rain too! I love chicken on the grill, I go and get Costco frozen chicken in the bags, seperate it between two big ziplocks and pour in the marinate, then put them back in the freezer...then all I have to do is pull out a bag and thaw on the counter during the day and dinner is ready to go!

Hope you had a great Mothers Day with your handsome son! We had a ball, the kids all gave me gardening money, (which I spent on a purse instead), and we had a nice lunch.

Take care and have a great rest of your week!
Donna Lynn

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