22 May 2009

Happy Memorial Day

We will probably stay home for the weekend. Pulling out the BBQ, marinating the meat, and fixing potato salad. It's hopefully going to be nice, and I'll be able to spend time outside. 

Hope everyone that stops by my blog has a wonderful weekend and a safe one as well. 

Let's stop and remember those who are in uniform, past and present. They are the ones that need celebrating and remembrance. 

Till next time. 

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Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Amen to remembering the true meaning of the holiday and not that it's just another day off from work. Great post, Glenda! What are you barbequing?

SewSweetStudio said...

Love the picture (postcard?)
Thanks for the reminder about the meaning of this holiday. May we never forget those who are and have served.
Have a great BBQ. We are doing that too. I've been out in the backyard cleaning up a little, but hot here... in the 90's.

Joanne Kennedy said...

Without all the men and women who were and are brave enough to stand up and protect us, fighting for our freedom and rights there would be no Memorial Day. So I'm with you, let's not forget what the day is about.

I'll be going to Disneyland on Monday. I know it's going to be super crowded so we won't stay long I'm sure.



Hey Glendam I forgot. What time did you say dinner was? Thanks for your thoughts on yesterdays post. I appreciate it.
Lisa & Alfie

Allidink said...

Have a nice weekend :)

All the best,

♥Mimi♥ said...

What saddens me to deeply is the Decoration Day/Memorial Day has become a long weekend to so many young people. It's a time for beer and cook outs and nothing else. Let's all of us take the time to reflect on the meaning of the day.

My father, who served in WWII, would go to the cemetery each Memorial Day to place flags on the graves of the fallen soldiers. He did that until he was 87 years old and shortly thereafter, he passed away.

God bless America and God bless our troops.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I hope you had a great weekend. Love food grilled out. I endulged a lot this weekend.:) So many, especially young ones don't seem to know why we celebrate.:(

Anonymous said...


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