07 March 2009

Sacramento Here I Come

I am planning to make it up to Sacramento tomorrow for Sac's Antique Faire. Tracie from, Notes From a Cottage Industry will be there. 

If you want to tag along, let me know I have plenty of room in my SUV. 

In case you need more info, the Sacramento Antiques Faire is located under the Capitol City Freeway (50) between W and X Streets on 21st Street.  Her booth is M-13. 

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Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh Glenda! You should go with Cindy! I know she would just love you to bits!

But, even if you go alone I'm sure you will have a blast! You will have to take lots of pictures and say hi to Tracey for me.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

I would love to be able to go, but it is not going to happen. :( Tell Tracey "Hi", and hope you have a great time. Take lots of photos and we want to hear all about your trip. :)

Cherry's Jubilee said...

OHH have fun! Cant' wait to see what you find. cherry

Allidink said...

Lucky you! I live too far away to go. Have fun!

Joyce said...

You are certainly the little traveler lately Glenda!! I'm so glad you are enjoying yourself. I would love to come with you, but I just missed the last flight out of town. Boo hoo. Anxious to hear about your adventures!!

A Cottage Industry said...

Thanks for coming to see me at the Sacramento Antique faire!Wasn't it fun to meet other bloggers?! It really made my day, that's for sure.

Neabear said...

It would have been fun to join you for that. But I was busy at that time, so wouldn't have been able to go anyway. I read Cindy's posts about when she went.

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