19 March 2009

I Am In A Planting State Of Mind

Yes, I am touched by spring fever. I feel the need to plant things and get my hands dirty. So what better way to do this is to find things that give you an excuse for it. Like these gray boxes, you can use them for a number of things, but I'll use them for planting flowers. I found a beverage container with a spout and thought I'll use this for a terrarium it's perfect for it. You wouldn't believe the number of people that looked at this thing before I snagged it. 

And this is were the Cherub ended up at on the fence with a little planter. 

Found this cute little wooden birdcage, with a bonus if a little birds nest with eggs, and a rock.

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Joanne Kennedy said...

You always find the best things! I love the little cherub with the pot on the fence. I've gotten a few of little shelfs like that but never thought of putting it outside with a plant on top. Guess what I'm going to be doing now! Yup! I'm going to be a copy cat!

Love your beverage container.


Victoria Lynn said...

It was so nice hearing from you! If only you COULD hop on over for dinner! I LOVE your new French blog! I have been busy taking an oil painting class and sewing. I started a store on Etsy! You'll have to drop by and check it out! Hope you and your son are doing well! Rachel is doing fabulous at her job and she loves it here in Franklin! Have a wonderful day!
Victoria Lynn

Joyce said...

I love the cherub shelf!!! How pretty! I love flowers. Everything will look so nice when you are done!!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I love it all. You know the birdcage is my favorite, and then the cherub. :)


Hi Glenda,
It's slowly getting warmer here and soon I'll be thinking about the garden and planting. Just can't get in the mood yet.
Fun treasures and sweet little angel.
Have a great weekend.

Allidink said...

Oh! Using that jar with the spout for a terrarium is such a cute idea! It all looks great :)

All the best,

Lisa @ On Cloud Pink said...

Ah Spring!

What a great mix of finds & displays! I love cherubs & think they go well anywhere. I'm starting to like birdcages, but trying to refrain from purchasing any... I already have two waiting to be painted.

Thanks for the show & tell.

Toodles. Lisa

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