08 September 2008

Camera Held Hostage News At 11

My son has my camera for a project he's doing. So I had to go into my past photo's for a post today. Oh, sure I could have not done one, but it's become a habit. This is part of my hearth. 

Can you believe it's not hot outside today !!!. It's actually overcast and in the low 60's. Could this mean falls coming ??? lets hope so.

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Suzy said...

We had some cool off but then it went back to some very high temperature. This summer was simply too hot for me! So mild fall sounds fantastic. I hope it will come soon here.

Thanks for your kind comment it means a lot that people that I care about here understand me so good. It is nice to have support from my blog friends even on my bad days. Thank you Glenda.


Priscila said...

hahah blogging is so fun! I understand where you are coming from! Too cute!
Love the cherub!

check out my blog too at

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