08 September 2008

Prayer Day

Penny at Lavender Hill has brought to our attention a couple that are in need of prayer. 

Many, many bloggers have a deep faith and belief in prayer as well as I believe in the power of prayer.

I would like to have a combined prayer day on this Wed, September 10th the same day as the Benefit Concert for them.

The name of the couple is, Stephanie and Christian Nielson.  You can see their story on the link. They are parents of four children and they were in a plane accident in Arizona. Both were burned very badly. Stephanie 80% of her body and Christain 30%. 

It doesn't matter what time of day on this Wednesday, just this day. Of course you can pray anytime for the couple. 

I have never visited their blog, but as we all know, we don't need to know someone. All we need to know is anyone of us could be in this situation at anytime. 

Please pass this around. You can go to the link on my sidebar and get the code for your blog as well, for  "Nie Recovery".

Please note, this was my choice to present this. I have not done this as a request by anyone. 

Well I've said it before, you never know when something will happen that is close to home. My best friend of over 30 years, Aunt was Murdered a few days ago in a murdered suicide. This is the 4th murder that has been either a friend or family this year alone, in her life. So, you just never know. 

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Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Thank you for helping spread the word...

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for posting about this lovely family. I was reading about them last night. It is heart breaking. A very dear friend of mine just lost her son on July 31st in the plane crash that took place in Minnesota....he was the pilot of that plane. It was such a shock. I realized then that it is true..... it could be any one of us at any time. Only God knows.

I will be lifting them up in prayer. Debbi

Joanne Kennedy said...

I've heard about these people on another blog and have kept them in my daily prayers. It is such a sad story yet so beautiful to see so many people offering up prayers for them.

For the Love of Cottage said...

Hi Glenda,
Thanks for your words of encouragement.


Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Glenda,
I just read about this young couple on Penny's blog.It just broke my heart, I know first hand how painful burns can be and to go through what they must just to heal will take so much strength. I will send a prayer to our heavenly Father and our dear Mother Mary.


the pleasures of homemaking said...

I read Penny's post earlier. Thank you for spreading the word - bloggers are the nicest people!


Joyce said...

I heard about this family on the Today show yesterday and enjoyed the story one of her sisters told about Nie's blog and how all of her blogging friends were rallying together in support of this family. They will all definitely be in my prayers. This is so nice that you are sharing this info. I wanted to find out more info and you after seeing this on tv yesterday. Thanks!

She's Gone Fishing said...

Thank God for the blogging network and the love that pours out to touch and be touched..and let God's light shine even brighter for this wonderful family now more than ever. Prayer is so very powerful in masses so keep it going and know God has them embraced tightly so they will heal and come out of this.

Thank you God for this family and the power of your healing..We love them - A-men

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

I have been hearing about this couple all over blog land......I will set aside some time for a private prayer today for whole family and for your friend too.
I will be donating one of my items for the cause....some bloggers are doing this too.
Thanks for reminding us to give thanks and remember....sometimes it is not a stranger but your own.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

My heart goes out to your friend. I will pray for her and her family.

Margaret Cloud said...

I am saying a prayer as I post for Stephanie & Christian, the Lord is our sheppard and he is looking over you two, I am also saying a prayer for your friend, sorry, we have too much violence in our world, God Bless us all.

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