04 September 2008

Think French Grey

So I've been looking at a lot of blogs that are from France. And started to see a theme. Grey, it seems to be a very popular color to use in every way. Much like our whites, pinks, blues and yellow. It's simple, soft and doesn't over power. 

Furniture, walls, candles, you name it and it's grey. 

So it got me to thinking of some of the furniture that I have that needs re-doing. And why not consider distressed grey on some. I like grey it goes with so much. And I like what I see on the French blogs. Now I know it's not the only colors they use, but it is or seems to be the primary color, shade what ever you consider it they use it. 

There are so many variations of grey, that you just have to see for your self.  I'll be going to Home Depot to check out the greys.

So, next time you want to consider a color or shade to use on your next project... Consider French Grey. Or is it French Gray.

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Anonymous said...

Greys are nice if it's just the right shade and not battleship grey. Is it "gray or grey". Does anyone know why our gas meters are painted grey? I asked a dude who came out to my house to put in a new meter why that color and he told me, and I was surprised at his answer....anyway back to grey or gray..I like greys and pale blues too and as with "white" you can't change it much unless you add another "color" to it. Could you live in an all white house? Would just be to bright for me or maybe it would be alot like being in heaven...better wrap this up before I start to ramble...Don't forget Miss Glenda's birthday mid month.

Joyce said...

Gray is a nice color. It is neutral and would go with just about anything. It's a good alternative to white or black. I have a kitchen barstool I need to paint and I was thinking about bold red, but I think gray may be a better choice. Thanks for the idea Glenda!

Becky said...

I really think you are right about grey. It is as soothing as white.
I especially loved the undertones of that chest of drawers.
I'm anxious to see what color you come up with as the perfect match.

Becky said...

Paint and poish....boy do I have work for you to do. come on. lol
Thank you for your kind comments.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I never thought I was a "gray"/"grey" person. (Both are correct.) But these images have me rethinking it all.

Joanne Kennedy said...

Now I have to admit I would have never thought to paint something grey but those pictures are very pretty so who knows.


Joy said...

That's a great idea! I've never thought of gray as one of the neutrals but it certainly should be considered one. :o)

vosgesparis said...

me to I discovered the color grey on the french blogs My favorite one in the beginning was Zinc et Buis but by now there are so many beauty ones.. me myself I am from the netherlands ;) Like to see what you will paint in grey..

Me last year painted some old indian doors grey I uses a normal wall paint , very dry directly on the wood... the i used a white wall paint (A glass of water with a little spoon of white) I rubbed it on the grey one and then took it away with toilet paper . so only a light white touch remained on the grey.

vosgesparis said...

thanks for the link I will link your blog aswell and be back for a good look around ;)
Regards , desiree

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...


Margaret Cloud said...

I love that balcony with the flowers an I never considered grey as a color to paint, but I will now.

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