13 September 2008

House Hunting

So when I think of house hunting, I don't think of looking at the houses in my area. No I go for the gusto. I look at the UK. It's the English Countryside I look at. And when I do look, I fall in love. I think this is my true decorating style.

Some years back I was told by a psychic that all my past lives where in England. I don't know, but there may be some truth to it. 

I have never been to England though in this life, but it would be a dream come true. I would rather visit the countryside of England than the city. I spoke to a woman several months ago from there and she had said, Oh my dear don't visit the City's there to expensive, go and follow your dream of the countryside it's far better than our cities and much cheaper.  

So, my dream will someday come true, and I know the Secret.

Happy Weekend to All !

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Joanne Kennedy said...

Well I would love to go to England myself and like you I think the country would be much nicer then the city, though I would have to see the city too if I went there.

I like the color you picked for the candle sticks.

But that yellow eyed bug is creepy!


Chris said...

Glenda, you are a kindred spirit! I absolutely love English country anything!

I have also NEVER been there...but it is a dream for me too!

Gypsy aka Tam said...

keep believing in your dream and it will come true. My dream was to leave Europe and live in the USA and that came true. Just trust and believe...:)
Have a great weekend,

Trailer Gal said...

I like that first photo...I would love to plop down my double wide out there with my dogs and my old man...You'd like him he still gots most of his teeth...Think the huntin out there is any good sugah?

Anonymous said...

How about a 300 year old castle with ghosts?

Joy said...

Hi Glenda! I'm also intrigued and enthralled with English country living. Of course it's the styles and architecture of the estates but also the history that fascinates me.

Amongst The Oaks said...

I've always felt like I came from England too. I just feel so comfortable and content there. Love the decor, love the gardens, love the humor...but hate that left side of the road driving!
Stop by sometime...we live in an "English" cottage.

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