29 September 2008

Blog List Problem

Has anyone else had a problem with the new Blog List ?

When others put my link in it does not revert them back to me. So, I tired to do it on my other blog that has that list, and their right it does not take you back to my blog, it just takes you to a page that says not found. 

I thought maybe I had not put my address in correctly, but after copying and pasting my own address it still doesn't take me. So if any of you have an answer for me, I would love to hear from you. 

I tried to go to the Help section, but no help.


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1 comment:

Suzy said...

I don't know you are on my side bar and when ever I click on you it works.
So far I didn't have any problem with Blogger. But then it may be that I am maybe still on the old blogger, who would know! :D


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