08 January 2010


I've been keeping myself busy. I started doing my Family Tree in 2003, the year my mother died. I was always asking her questions and she was always telling me information about our family, I'm sure in hopes that I would retain this information for future use. Stored somewhere in the Ancestry file in my brain. Well for the most part I do remember a lot of what she told me. I use, Ancestry.com for my information. I just can't believe what a genuine amount of information I get from it.

What I was not prepared for, was the amount of marriages, and re-marriages, and even more re-marriages. I got to thinking why so many ?. Then it dawned on me. Those were tough times, and people did not live as long as today. Women died in childbirth, men died of heart attacks, etc....

The majority of my family were farmers. And as with many, had a LOT of children to help with the farming. My mother was born to a farmer and I remember her saying she was worked like a boy. She and her twin sister were the first born of her family, so not only was she worked in the fields, she was also expected to take care of the younger children when they came along. To help raise them as well, because mothers in those day's worked long hours as well in the fields and barns.

My father was born to a Well Driller. Now I understood how he knew to drill the well we had. He drilled it around the late 70's and it amazed me just how long it took and that he knew what he was doing.

The other information I get from looking into my Genealogy is, I have cousins and distant cousins I never knew about, and were there all along.

I've even discovered, I have some pretty famous relatives as well, although they are mostly distant cousins, 4th, 5th, and even 8th cousins.

My heritage goes, back to as early as the 1600's. Coming from France, England, Ireland, Scotland, and possibly Germany. We also, have Indian thrown there from somewhere. But can't remember if it's Cherokee or Apache , or ???.

But it can keep me busy, in between emailing I don't know how many Resume's by now, so to not get to crazy. Looking through family picture's discovering the Uncle you never knew you had, but was grateful for the person who wrote on the back of it, just who he was, and not a former boyfriend of your mothers.  

So, that's what I've been up to.

Still need your thoughts and prayers.

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joy said...

I love it!!! I'm so pleased that you are researching your family history. It is one of my loves in life. If you ever want to share a story, I'm your girl. Wonderful stories. Thanks for sharing. Love, Joy

Dawn said...

Would love to see some of the photos. I'm going to start posting some photos that have been in our attic for years, some since the house was built in the 30's.

Have faith, one of those resumes will get into the right hands soon.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I have never worked on my family history, but relatives have and have come up with quiet a bit of information on my Father's side.
Hope thing will start to look up for you real soon. Noticed it is 42* there - 10* here. :(


Hi Glenda,
I have a booklet with some family history and photos in it and I should get it out and read it.
Sorry to hear no job, YET!!!

Rue said...

Glenda... I'm so sorry about your situation. I had no idea, because I haven't been visiting around much. I will definitely pray for you sweet friend.


Donna said...

Happy New Year, Glenda... May 2010 be a wonderful year for you. Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers... Donna

Joanne Kennedy said...


I love to dig into my family history. I have one part that goes back to the 1400's. One part that goes back to the 1600's and on my dads side I am lost. I have only to my dad's grand parents.

I stopped working on it for that past few months. It drives you crazy after awhile. But I will be getting back into it now that all the busy holidays are over. It's fun to do.

Glad you have your computer back. I was without a computer for a few days and felt so lost. I thought of you and how hard it must be on you.

Hope things are going a little better this year.


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