13 January 2010

Agencies For Haiti's Relief


Here you'll find a list of Agencies that are helping in the relief effort for Haiti. Such devastation, it's hard to realize. As you Californian's know all to well, Earthquakes can change your life in only a few seconds.

And for anyone else's that's ever been through a natural disaster it's hard to come back from it without some type of trauma. Can you imagine in a Third World  extremely poor country just how much harder it well be ? We are still trying to recover from Hurricane Katrina, it will be even harder for them.

If you can help, go to the list on this link.

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Joanne Kennedy said...

Thanks for posting this. It breaks my heart every time I see the news. Like you said, it's bad enough when it is here in the US but when it's people who are so poor to begin with it's even worse.


Dawn said...

The devestation there is unbelievable. It is heartbreaking. Thanks for the link, it had lots of good options for donating.

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