23 June 2008

What's Your Dream ?

Beautiful English countryside.

What is your dream ?
Is it to go to a foreign country ?
Mine has been for years to visit sometime in my lifetime, Europe. I would love to visit the English countryside. Go to their english gardens and just soak it all in. Go to Paris to see the sights and  country sides. I would love to go to Venina.  And to also go to the Tuscany countryside as well. 
I do hope some time before I am to old to go, to be able to visit at least one country.
What's your dream ?

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Chris is *Refining Life* said...


I also dream of visiting Europe. The English country, France's Provence region, and Italy's Cinque Terre are all on my list.

Perhaps when I retire...

Joyce on her Justified Journey said...

I would love to take about three months to slowly travel throughout the United States and visit every state. I'd like to see quaint towns with lovely shops; I'd like to see the Grand Canyon, the redwoods, San Francisco, Taos, New Mexico, Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Great Lakes. I'd like to meet the locals - find out their recommendations for sites, shops and restaurants. I think that would be fun!!

Sweet Designs said...

I have lived in Germany and Okinawa, very interesting places and did travel a bit while in Germany. The places you mention all sound great to me too. I would love to see New Zealand too, that country looks beautiful from the photos and films I have seen. But I will have to win the lottery to do any of those LOL

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Hi Glenda! Ooooh I dream of Paris...but not the fancy cafe's or ritzy stores, but their flea markets!! I've seen shows on the travel channel about the Paris markets. Vintage or antique in Paris is a LOT older than what we consider vintage or antique to mean here in America. I would love to search for French treasures of old photos, letters, jewelry and whatnots....my list could go on forever! Thanks for the great post! Have a wonderful week. ~ Joy

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

My dream is the same as your dream!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Glenda, my dream is the same as yours. Has been for years. Hey, maybe we should plan a trip and go together.


Tracie said...

Hi Glenda,
Mine is to live in Nice, France!

Now that shouldn't be so hard, should it?

Au revoir sweetie!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I was blessed to be stationed with my husband in Germany and Greece and recall with fondness all of the lovely places you wish to travel to. My hope is that you someday make it.
I have always wanted to go to Mackinac Island and stay in the Grand Hotel. (Blame this on the movie "Somewhere in Time".)
My other desire is to visit Prince Edward Island and visit the "Anne of Green Gables" museum.

Jann said...

The exact same for me--adding Ireland and Scotland to the list! I've always wanted to go to Paris and seeing the Tuscany region of Italy would be a dream come true. Cheers, Jann

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