16 June 2008

Isn't This Beautiful !

I was sent this image. And it said that the area was Bakersfield, CA. I think this is just beautiful. I would love to see it. Has anyone ever seen this in person ?

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A-M said...

OMG, are those colours for real?!!!
Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.... they are truly appreciated and warm my heart! A-M xx

Tracie said...

What a beautiful photo, Glenda!

I would love to see in it person. Bakersfield gets such a bad rap, but this is lovely.

Staying cool?

Tracie said...

Your blog is prettier each time I return ;)

Tracie said...

Hi Glenda,
Try Jennifer at The Old Painted Cottage that's where I got my mags. Hopefully she's got some left ;)
I know Janet had them at Shabbyfufu as well, but I think she's totally sold out.

Bonne chance!

Theresa said...

Hi Glenda,
I am from Bakersfield, and yes that is how I remember the wildflowers in my childhood, when we would journey from the desert through Tehachapi and come down the mountain into Bakersfield. There are California poppies, lupines, and I don't know the yellow/orangey ones. But I haven't seen a site like that in a long while. Maybe it's because of all the smog we get from LA, or all the land being built on. Thanks for sharing a particularly beautiful photo that takes me back to yesteryear.

Theresa said...

Sorry, didn't tell you who I was in the first post. I am Theresa of Cottage Violets. I saw your comment on Donna Lynn's blog, and came on over.

Jann said...

This photo is so gorgeous--it almost doesn't look real! I've been to Bakersfield many times in my life, but have never seen anything like this . . .

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