15 June 2008

Fathers Day

It's fathers day today. So, what do you say when your father is no longer with you. You think about the good times and sometimes the bad.

What I remember about my father is, that he was loving in his own way. He was a quiet man and really did not have a lot to say. It wasn't until years later that I really did get to know him But I do remember the things he taught me. I would watch him for hours working on a car  engine. I was thankful for that years later when I would own my own car, and if things were going wrong with it I could narrow it down, because I had watch him and he would explain to me the functions of parts. Or, when he was working in the garage and I always wanted to know what he was doing and how it was going to go together. He was always tinkering with something. I guess that's were I get my need to take things apart and put the back together again. 
I too remember a man who took care of my mother 24/7 before she died. He would go days without shaving or bathing because of the demand to take care of her. Sleepless nights and endless days of making sure all her needs were meet. He would only complain if he had to go to the store, that he'd would be away from her and that I needed to come over if it was convenient. Never wanting to put me out. All the while he was tired and weary over her needing him. My sister had asked him how he felt about all that he did, and his reply was "That's what I signed up for when I married your mom". A true gentleman in his own way. I never saw my father show emotion, except the day my mother died he didn't want to be alone with her when she died, so I was there. He cried on my shoulder something I had never witnessed from my father. And also on the day of her funeral. Those were endearing times for me. 
I miss him for the things he taught me. For now when I get into something that I can't figure out I say what would dad do?.
Miss you and love you dad. 

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Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Glenda!
Thank you for the great post on you dad for Father's Day! wonderful photo!
Hugs, Sherry

Joanne Kennedy said...

OK now you have me crying like a baby! This post was so sweet.

My dad died when I was only 12 but I still miss him every day.

Hugs to you

Tracie said...

Oh sweetie,
I know how you feel. It's been 19 years for me this next Sunday~ We have happy memories and we need to try to remember that - even though "meltdowns" happen (at least in my case). This was a BEAUTIFUL tribute.
What a wonderful man your Dad was, I think he's having a short chat with my Dad right about now ;)

Joyce on her Justified Journey said...

Wow Glenda! What a beautiful post and tribute to your wonderful father. I lost my dad just about four years ago. It is so very interesting to look back on all the things that transpired in our times with our dads. I know I drove my dad nuts as a teenager - always needing money to go somewhere and a ride here or there also. My dad was very quiet too. My mom took care of him for the last five years of his life and I was her moral support. It was very difficult and sad. I know he is in a better place now and I will see him again one day and how beautiful that will be. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It gave me an opportunity to delve into my own tucked-away thoughts about my dad too.

Jann said...

Love this post about your dad--but when I got to the part about your mom passing away and your dad crying on your shoulder, I lost it. This is a lovely tribute to him . . . I couldn't even write about my own dad this Father's Day--still too painful to think he's not here anymore. Hugs, Jann

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