05 March 2011

7 Years To This Day


My mother died this day 7 years ago. Sometimes you get caught up in everyday life and you forget about the ones you love. You go on, but you can't forget. This morning is different for me because of where my life is today. Some, say you are were you are in life because it's meant to be. I don't always buy that reasoning.

For what it's worth today, I wish I were back in California to be around the people I love and have been around when times were tough.

My mother always smiled when you walked in the door, and always greeted you with a good morning, or good afternoon, and good evening when she answered the phone. I miss our talks when I needed to tell someone, how I was feeling. That is one thing that you miss, is calling her and telling her your day or just to say hello and see how she's doing. 

It's a day of remembrance for me and if the weather holds and doesn't rain anymore today, I'll be out walking for you today mom.

I love you momma.

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Jann said...

What a beautiful woman your mother was, and I know you must be missing her so much. I hope you are able to get out and about for that walk and that you can do something nice for yourself today. I know your mother is nearby watching over you and loving you always.


Hi Glenda,
Of course you miss your Mom...
I hope things are going better fro you!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

She was a very pretty lady. Hope you are doing well, and things are going well for you. Rain here yesterday and today both here.
Take care.

Joyce's Journey said...

What a beautiful post, Glenda! Your mom is beautiful and I am sure you have many of her wonderful qualities!

I didn't know you left California. Where are you???

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Dear Glenda this is such a sweet post about your Mom. She is so beautiful!
It's so good to know you are okay Glenda. I think about you so often. You are NEVER forgotten sweetie!!

Much love & big hugs, sherry

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birdhouses said...

Wow, what a lovely site this is. What a way to remember those who have passed. Your mother is beautiful

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