13 September 2009

Sick Puppy

After a day filled with Lunch then a unscheduled trip to the Napa Wine country, my day was not over.

My youngest dog a toy poodle Daisy was not happy. I noticed she kept scratching and I thought it was odd, because the day before, I had applied Advantex to both of them because I had noticed flees. After looking at the area, I was shocked to see the area was really inflamed. So off to the ER Vet late at night. She was starting to whine and lux at the mere touch. They shaved the area and washed it off, and sent her home. No meds. Well that's not the end. After getting home she was still not happy. She was not settling down and was jumping and whining all over the place. So another call and out the door we went again. This time it was pain medication injected and a prescription for the road. So around 3 AM Saturday Morning I was finally home.

She's still having discomfort and jumps around like a crazy dog, but she's at least more comfortable than the beginning.

Lesson is, not to give her ANY Advantrex at all. Brandi did fine with hers, but Daisy is far more sensitive.

P.S. It's been raining YAY !!!!!

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Barbara said...

I didn't know some dogs react so sensitive to Advantex! Are there any other measures against fleas and ticks? I'm glad that our minpin Yaris has no problem with Advantex, as we have a lot of ticks here in our area which carry all kinds of disease :(

Dawn said...

Poor Daisy! Hope she feel better soon. She and Brandi are both so cute.

Yay for the rain! We've had enough sprinkles this morning to actually wet everything, unlike the other morning when it was just a few drops here and there. It smelled so nice when we opened the door!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Awww! Look at those sweet faces. But poor Daisy - hope ahe is doing better this morning.


Hi Glenda,
Poor little girl :(
I think you can find natural ways to prevent fleas and ticks. Jackson Brown has allergies and I won't dare put anything on him. Good thing you had her checked out. I don't think any of those things are good for pets.
Deb :)

P.S. we need your rain!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh no! Poor little one. I hate when fur babies don't feel well. My Elton has major allergies. He will get hot all over and then his skin turns red and he will itch forever.

It's seasonal so there isn't a lot we can do. We do give him meds and they help some. We also have to give him a bath about every week or so.

Sure wish we got rain. It's been nice here though so that's good. But I hear the heat is on it's way back. YUCK.


Donna Lynn said...

Good Morning Glenda,
The last comment I was able to make was to you about your pups, then the next time I try to go on it "Locks" me totally out of Facebook saying I have the wrong password, then I go through all the stuff they suggest and non of it works! I am very frustrated let me tell ya! Got any ideas????
Hope all is well in your world, looks like we have been having the same weather as you there in CA.

The Garden Cat Cottage said...

Poor Daisy, I hope she is much better now. My little Malti-Poo Beaujolais got sick from it too but not near as bad as Daisy.

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