01 June 2009

Winchester Mystery House Part 1

Tiffany glass windows and doors.
These are all in a room they call the $25,000.00 storage room.

They are all so beautiful.

These are all wall treatments that were imported from Europe.

Beautiful walkways.
This is the outside of Sarah Winchesters bedroom.
And were Sarah would wait for her Coach to take her
around town or to see her grounds.


Sarah Lockwood Winchester, was in my mind a genius. She constructed a home that helped her with her Arthritis. There are rooms that were so warm, you didn't need additional heat, but within those rooms, were additional fireplaces. She designed rooms that could be opened up for the flow, so when the windows were open they let out the hot air and and kept the home cooled down. 

The house was confusing, yet made some since. You just have to think outside the box to understand. 

She loved the finest of things. From her Tiffany glass windows and doors, to her ornate decor, she was a woman on a mission. 

I'll share more in Part 2 of the Winchester Mystery House.

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Glenda/MidSouth said...

Those windows are beautiful. I would love to have just one of them. Thanks for sharing your tour with us.

Joanne Kennedy said...

How sad that all those beautiful windowns and wall paper are just sitting there when so many people could use them and enjoy them every day.

I don't recall being told about the house being built to help out her health conditions. That's very interesting.

We were told she was a lady who was haunted by spirits and to drowned them out she kept the building going. So the noise would drowned them out. Did they tell you that too?

Just think of the beautiful home she could have if she had the workers plan out what they were going to build. Rather then just build strange things in and around the house.


Linda said...

Hi Glenda,
Thanks for the photos. I have only been to WMH 2 times , once in the 70's when it was not so redone, no gift shop, the grounds were not open etc. Then in the 80's more changes and more open still. I see it is still even more improved and glad to see that. When I was there the storage room was not behind glass but still behind wire and the Tiffany pieces not lit up, so this is great, helps you see how beautiful they really are. They are amazing!
I would like to see it all again.
Boy those mediums at the time sure had Sarah going and spending her money but she did have great unusual for the time inventive ideas!!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I'm going to have to go now! Maybe I can talk Lauren into going with me!


Hi Glenda,
I remember seeing a TV special about that house...it wasn't ever "finished"...very interesting for sure...did it "feel weird" there?

Allidink said...

How neat! I love all that glass too omgsh I would die for it LOL. Beautiful photos.

All the best,

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I have always wanted to tour the WMH. Thank you for the tour.

va loans said...

Your tour was what i needed today.

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