08 June 2009

Ladies Orange Benevolent Association

These badges are from an organization of Ladies in Canada. They were in my favorite Thrift Store. And if you know my blog, I love things different. I thought these were beautiful in color and the enameling in the pins and the badge. They have details that mean something but not quite sure what. Perhaps someone from Canada knows. If so, let me know. 

I also found a Singer Featherweight there as well, in working order, only this time it's a light green in color. You just never know when you walk in what you'll find. But I told myself before going, your going to find something great today, and I think I did. 

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Glenda/MidSouth said...

Those badges ae pretty. Will you display them or use them in another project? I have never seen a feather weight in the places around here.

Joanne Kennedy said...

You seem to have the best luck when you go to the thrift stores. You always find the most interesting things.

I did a thrift store run myself today. I need to clean up my finds and I'll post about them.


Anonymous said...

You must have a big house thats very organzied and lots of money to throw around on useless stuff? What the heck will you do with something like that other than look at money hanging on the wall etc that could have been better spent elsewhere honey....Just my observation from following your pages of posts of stuff you buy. What about the other rooms in the rest of your house? Did you win the lottery or something??

Glenda said...

Anonymous lead back to Nearbear ???

What have I ever done to you, to make such a comment on my blog.

Stands to reason, if you do not like what you see when you visit simply do not come by and remove yourself from my following and that will be the end.


Simply Susan said...

The amount of detail is just amazing...they really don't make things like they used to :o(

My Shabby Roses said...

Wow, I love those badges! I've never seen anything like it.

tales from an oc cottage said...

How cool!

m ^..^

Rue said...

Wow! someone has nothing to do but bug you....

I just wanted to say how lovely those ribbons were :)


She's Gone Fishing said...

Have you googled Ladies Benevolent Ass. to see what it was? They sure were elaborate works of art ain't they?....all the detail and fringy stuff....compared to ribbons these days they can't touch their handmade beauty.


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

That anonymous comment is so rude! Obviously she doesn't have enough money and she doesn't like it that other do! I think those are a lot prettier to look at than a few dirty dollar bills! haha!

Allidink said...

Those are so neat! I love the colors.

All the best,

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I'm excited that you found a Singer featherweight! I'd love to see pictures of it, too! I think you also found that you have some great friends. Twyla

Neabear said...

Glenda, I was catching up on your blog this morning and wanted to let you know I have commented on some previous posts. I don't know if you have a way of knowing when someone has posted on a previous post. Then I come to this one and find this rude comment from Anonymous. I have no idea how that comment could lead back to me, since that was not me. I have noticed that whoever that is or maybe several someones, has left rude comments on other blogs. I am saddened that someone has nothing better to do than to leave rude comments and cause hurt feelings. I am so sorry that person has done that to you. I swear to you that was not me. I never would and never have left rude comments.

When I saw this post my first question was wondering that the letters on L.O.L on the ribbons meant. I was amused by that because of what it now means to us in Blogland.

I am still behind reading your some of your other posts. But when I get a chance I will go back and catch up. I need to get ready for work now.

Again I am so sorry that someone left you that comment. I hope you are assured that I have no idea who that is. Would you mind telling me how you thought it lead back to me? Thanks.

And by the way I do enjoy your blog. It is your blog and you do want you want with it. That is what we all do with our blogs, right?

I sincerely hope you have a better day!

Anonymous said...

oh I would love to find a feathweight at a thrift store. I am very curious to know what those sell for out your way. Also those ribbons are really a find. I like unusual items also.

Janice In Missouri

ps. I am sorry the one lady is not satified with her life now, I will say a prayer for her.

Anonymous said...

These badges belong to the Canadian Orange Order, a Protestant fraternaty that was founded in Ireland in 1795. The organization is still in operation today and is dedicated to charity work. The badges are representative of its lodges. The LOL stands for Loyal Orange Lodge followed by the number of that lodge, meaning it was the _ lodge established in Canada. This is the men's lodge. LOBA stands for the Ladies Orange Benevolant Association. Lovely condition these are in, thanks for sharing. Being a member of the organization it means something to see these on display here. Thank-you.

Jim said...


I am replying in the new year as requested. I am still interested in acquiring the ribbons or trading you for different ones.

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