06 May 2009

Mother's Day's Past

I was thinking it would wonderful, for all of us Mothers to Share our memories of  Mothers Days Past. 

Things that you've never forgotten that your children or child did or said to you, that stuck in you memory. I am going to include Mister Linky, so that you can do a post of it, and link it up so everyone can see or read, what has been a memorable time for you. 

My son gave me a card some years back, that meant so much to me. We had been having a rough patch in getting along, and I thought for sure I'd get nothing for mothers day that year. But to my surprise, he gave me a card. He had written inside something that goes like this. 

"Although we sometimes don't get along, I value you as my mother. You have always listened and sometimes did not always like or agreed with what I do, but I still love you no matter what happens between us. Besides your the only mother I have." he's 23 now and still is a sweet guy.

So, I'd like to hear whatever you'd like to share. I will run this for a few days so everyone that wants to, will have a chance...

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Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Glenda,
I'm just going to add my comment and not do Mr. Linky, I would love to but not sure I'd get an appropriate post up in time. I still have a "coupon book" my daughter gave me years ago for a free backrub, free breakfast, lunch and dinner made by her, free garbage taken out, free girl's night (our night together ;) I love seeing it and wonder why I never took her up on all the "freebies". Makes me smile, thanks for bringing it to mind for me.
Au revoir sweetie!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Well sadly I was never blessed with children but I do have fur doggies...does that count? LOL


Anonymous said...


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