07 April 2009

Antiques By The Ton

This is Tracie from Notes From A Cottage Industry
She and the other Tracie were so busy when we got 
there. She has so many wonderful things. 

I'll have to go again next month. Antiques By The Bay is held the first Sunday of each month, so that makes it easy to remember. 

Next time I'll know better. If it's sunny, carry an umbrella or wear a big brimmed hat. Sunburns are not fun, Ouch !!

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Joyce said...

You have the best sales in California. There is nothing like that here by me - or at least nothing I've found like that. It must be such fun to scout around a place like that to see what goodies you can find. I'll have to fly out and join you one of these months . . . in my dreams!!

Neabear said...

I didn't know this existed. Maybe I will be able to manage to go next time. I noticed the Admission price on the website is higher if you go early. I guess they want to deter the early birds some by making it more expensive to enter.

Anonymous said...

So when I come out to see you I'll plan my trip around the first Sunday.


Hey Glenda,
I guess we missed each other because I was there as well. What a gorgeous day for shopping huh? Did you get anything interesting? I definitely stopped by her booth. She has it set up beautifully.
Lisa & Alfiie

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Ah ha! So this is where all the good furniture has gone to. :)


Hi Glenda,
WOW your new camera takes
GREAT photos:)
The flea market looks like so much fun with TONS of great treasures.
I hope you have a HAPPY EASTER!!!
Deb :)

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