03 March 2009

What A Change Of Times !

An Actual 1955 Good Housekeeping article.

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

My sister sent me this recently and it makes you think just how much things have changed. 

I'll let it speak for itself. 

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Glenda/MidSouth said...

I don't think so!! :-)

mah said...

OMG!!! They didn't mention how often "the wife" should be taken into the shop for tuneups, because surely she has to be a robot!!!! Mary Ann

Lisa said...

Ohmygosh, my boss gave this article to me too and told me to study it. I believe I still have it. Anyhoo, when I read it, I looked at him & said "it's a pity you feel that way. Your thoughts are as old as you are". Now, mind you, I was raised to be respectful & say nothing if you have nothing nice to say; however, given his smarminess, I felt compelled to say something back. His reply "it's obvious as a wife, you don't know your place". Ugh. He was half joking, half serious. He's now divorced.

Allidink said...

That is hilarious lol. Some of that advice I've heard before in modern day relationship books!

Anonymous said...

Our friend Connie sent that to me and image how many cast iron skillets and rolling pins we gals would go through if men expected us to really still behave that way. Actually I bet a bunch of men would say they saw nothing wrong with it and why have we stopped worshipping the ground the walk on?

Margaret Cloud said...

Very nice, last summer at a estate sale I purchased a real old cook book, it is called "The Bride's Companion", if you would like it send me your address.


Hi Glenda,
Sorry to hear you are sick...today I finally feel like ME...that "stuff" just hangs on :(
Fun seeing your trip photos.
Feel better soon!!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Unbelievable!!! I'm thankful times have changed!

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Too Funny......I almost can not believe that.....We've come along way Baby!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

OH Glenda, that's so funny!. That's when women didn't have to work so it was all about the husband. I think I like things just the way the are now.
Have a great day,

Neabear said...

I would be so stressed out if I had to keep up that kind of an image all the time. Sheeesh! So glad times have changed.

Kathy said...

There is a whole following of a book on this very advise. The women look gorgeous, the houses are clean, the kids look happy. I don't know what I think about it, only it isn't going to happen in my casa.

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