21 January 2009

Lemon Drops and A Bathing Beauty

Do you like lemon drops ?  I do. It's hard to find the ones I loved as a child. The one's they make now they seem to be too sour for my taste. These are wonderful. They taste more like lemon or lemonade. You can find them on  A Southern Season.

And I found this Bathing Beauty at Cats Meow.
Isn't she pretty ? 

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Joanne Kennedy said...

Lemon drops always remind me of my mom. She LOVED them and had them often. I like them but for some reason never buy them. In fact, I don't often see them any more.

Your little bathing beauty is darling!

I didn't buy a thing on my "shopping" trip. I saw so much I wanted but I was good and came home with nothing.

I did get someone to write me from free cycle and offered me a bird cage. I'm getting it tonight! I'm so excited to plant my own bird cage garden now.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

I remember the lemon drops from my childhood and they were so good. It has been several years since I have tried any, but I remember they just were not the same. Have a great evening.


Hi Glenda,
Love your chintz and I also have a few pieces and they bring a smile on my face. I hope you find the prefect table and I LOVE lemon drops and Lemon bars:) Have fun "hunting"!!

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

lemon drops.....and a bathing beauty too~she would look great in my bathroom, Can I borrow her LOL

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