02 December 2008

Twin Bed ?

My sister sent this twin bed spread, and since I don't have a twin bed in the house, I am using it for my couch. I've had this couch about 5 years and I am considering a new one, it's losing it's cushion. I have considered putting new cushions in it. I'll look around for a bit.

I go to sign paperwork today on my parents home and then hand the keys over in a few days. It will be bittersweet for sure.

Our childhood home is officially transferred and the keys exchanged. I did my last walk through about 3 PM today and said goodbye and cried. I will miss it, but it's better that it goes to someone that can restore it. It's a load off my mind. It will take a little time to get use to not going over there or being able to turn the key and go in or go on the property, but that's how life is. 

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Hi Glenda,
I hope all went well today at the closing:) I'm sure it was bittersweet for you. The cover works for now. Shopping for new furniture is a lot of work, so many choices !!
Christmas JOY to you.


Hi Glenda,
Your link is working from my blogroll now. Yippee!
I know how sad this must be for you. It does fortunately, get better. I pass my grandma's house whenever I visit my mom in Stockton. It seems so strange not to be able to cross that threshold and to see a different color paint on it. But the good thing is a young family is living there now, creating their own memories.
I would love it if you dropped by sometime. It's really not too far away.
Lisa & Alfie
P.S. My ornaments are from estates sales, garage sales and Target!

Joy said...

Glenda ~ until you get a new couch this one looks very pretty with the cover on it. And I'm sure it must be a strange mix of sadness and relief to have wrapped up the sale of the house.

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