08 December 2008

My Ornate Tree

My tree theme this year is gold and cream, with sparkle throw in here and there.

It's a tree I bought many years back, it's 4ft tall and this year I've set it up on a small table. The tree skirt my sister made many years back, it isn't the theme colors, but that's Ok.

I found some glittered deer at Target and just had to have these. 

The tree topper I found down the street yesterday at Goodwill for .99¢ not a thing wrong with it. I needed a new one and she was perfect.

I might tweak it a little more, but the tree is coming along.

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Rue said...

Good morning Glenda :)

Your tree looks beautiful! I can't belive someone would get rid of the angel, but she's perfect for your tree :)

Good for you to try knitting again. I used to needlepoint all the time, but I have so many unfished one, I gave up for awhile. Maybe I'll start again.

Oh and I'm sorry it was hard to hand over the keys to your mom and dad's house. I hope they fix it up and make it so pretty that you'll love to drive by it :)


Sharon~heartsongs said...

I am so hooked on the Goodwill! Your tree looks great. And the angel is so pretty.


Hi Glenda,
Very pretty tree and great find at the thrift store. I need to go thrifting:) I have knitted in YEARS and would have to learn all over again. Merry Christmas to You.


I think gold and cream is so classic. I love seeing everyone's Christmas inspiration. Beautiful Glenda!
Lisa & Alfie

Jann said...

Your tree is beautiful, Glenda, and the angel is just perfect!

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