18 December 2008

If I Were To Choose

I was in Macy's yesterday and went to the Home section to look around. I have never had Christmas Dinnerware, mostly due to the fact I never have Christmas Dinner at my home. 

But if I did, it would be this dinnerware I would choose to have.  Most times you see a Christmas tree or garland on the plates, that's just to expected, so I like going a little different so these would be my choice. 

They also had some beautiful red goblets and glasses that were really pretty. 

So, this would be my choice.

BBBRRRRRRRR it's cold here.................

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Mary Ruth said...

I saw those dishes and those are the ones I LOVE too! They are just so much more artistic than the traditional placement of lines and flowers, or decoration! Love the colors on the plates too. I was thinking of getting the luncheon plates first to layer.
Thanks for stopping by my Blog! Will come by and check more later! You have a GREAT BLOG!


Can you believe this weather Glenda? Those dishes are lovely and would really create an inviting setting. I love your sparkly coffee table. It's lovely and must make you smile everytime you look at it! Keep those girls bundled!
Lisa & Alfie

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Glenda,
I agree with you and Lisa... It's too cold! I hope you're staying warm. It's 27 degrees here, I can't believe it. Really pretty dinnerware you've found there at Macy's.

Merry Christmas!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I like the dishes. Pretty chilly here also, and overcast (again). Tomorrow is suppose to be in the 60's - sure hope so, got outside stuff to do.

Sweet Designs said...

And you would have chosen well! LOL, I love those dishes too, I saw them a few weeks ago, I already have the basic set of the white bordered with the gold, so the smaller plate would be great with the dinner plate, but alas, I have way gone over my Christmas budget this year :( I hope you get them.

Rue said...

Hi Glenda :)

That IS beautiful dinnerware! I always use my great grandmother's china, so I don't have any either. I'm beginning to think this is a crime after looking around blogland, so don't tell anyone LOL

Your home is beautifully decorated for Christmas. I love all the cream and gold :)

Merry Christmas,


Hi Glenda,
I love your choice and hope you piuk up a place setting or 2...just for YOU.After all the things you had to go thru this year, I'm thinking you could use a special treasure:)
Thank you for your prayers for my FIL. He may go home tomorrow...

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