20 November 2008

New Use For Old Things

Do you know what this is. Some may not. It may or may not be used much anymore. 

It's to hold diapers. I bought it some time ago. And when I first saw it, I knew exactly what I'd use it for. I use it to hold the pads for my girls to do their business on. It's perfect for them. It's the right size. I have it hanging over their area where they use their pad. They do go outside sometimes, but they prefer the pad, go figure. So if need to store your pads think about using one of these. They are probably easy to make. 

There's a new blog in town. Vintage Rose Collections. Stop by and say hello.

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Anonymous said...

..so hold on to that holder because it looks like it will hold your "astronaut" diapers one day....he he
love ya

Sabina said...

Happy Friday -- lovin the music!!


Hi Glenda.
I went over to visit the new blogger. Her blog is so pretty.
Hope you have a great weekend. With the sale of your parents home, you are probably feeling so much better:)

Joy said...

Oh yes, I used a diaper stacker with my first child, but afterward I streamlined by keeping the diapers on a shelf beneath the changing table. Those were the days! :o)

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Beau only goes outside. I tried to get him to use those when I first got him but he wouldn't. Poor doggie holds it in all day until I get home to let him outside.

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