12 November 2008

Christmas Trees !!!

                                              Images Courtesy of  Lakeside Garden Gallery

These are all pretty in their own way. 

I usually just put up my fake tree and throw all my decoration on the tree. No I don't stand back and throw them, but you know what I mean..

We have an offer on my parents home, and I am going in today at 11:30 to talk to the Realtor. Now if my sister would only answer her dang phone. .............. !!!!!!!!!!

Got ahold of my sister so we could counter them back.  

Now the Realtor say's there is another interested party also an investor that's looking at it tomorrow and if interested could make an offer, so we may or may not have a second bidder. 
This could get exciting.....................

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Barb said...

Yay!!!! I pray all goes well.

Love those trees. I just kind of throw the ornaments on too.
One year when the boys were little, they decorated the tree and the ornaments were around the bottom half (where they could reach). We decided to leave it that way. I thought it looked great.


Anonymous said...

I love my sister even though she is mean to me sometimes...

Joy said...

Glenda - I love those trees! I think we are going to do a little something different with our tree this year. So glad to hear you have an offer on the house!!


I'm praying that the house is SOLD...I know you will let us know if it has...
Pretty Christmas trees. I MAKE the husband go out with me and chop down a real one at a tree farm...and we do that the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
Take care.

Victoria Lynn said...

Bless you, I'm praying that you will get that house sold NOW!! Beautiful trees, too!
Victoria Lynn

Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh I hope tomorrows post is about how the house is SOLD! That would be wonderful. Having two people interested in the same time is great becasue they start a bidding war! Let's hope you get your orginal asking price!!!

I can not believe you are thinking about Christmas trees yet. LOL I knew the holiday bug would bite you soon.


Anonymous said...

I remember daddy laboriously making us an aluminum Christmas tree one year back in the 60's...Mom volunteered one of her old mops or broom handles to the cause....daddy drilled holes at the exact angles all over the pole then wrapped feathered tin foil strips on welding rod, stuck em all in mom's broom handle and ta da a Christmas tree complete with a color wheel daddy probably picked up at a yard sale. I ran across a picture of it and will show ya'll next month. This year I think I'll put up an old aluminum tree a gal gave me at a yard sale this summer...There must be hundreds of branches all wrapped in paper sleeves....looking forward to that mess!!!

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