11 August 2008

Sleepy Time



Yes, this is me. My mother loved to take pictures of me asleep anywhere. I guess I could fall asleep no matter where I was. Even on the toilet. She had no shame. 
Wish I could do that now. 

Now bloggers. Which one do you think I should use as my profile photo ? Vote Below.

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Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Glenda!
These photos are absolutely adorable! I chose the one on the toilet, how original!! But your photo you have on now is sooo cute of you, why do you want to change it?
I know, you love the look of old photos, I do too. And yours are sooo sweet!!
Have a good week!
Hugs, Sherry


How cute and funny and sweet! I voted for #3. Just too cute:)It's making me smile. Take care.
Warmly, Deb

She's Gone Fishin said...

Hey woman where's the one a goofy parent took of you sittin on the one holer when we wuz camping? Might could be mom was in there with ya so maybe Harry took it? I like the toilet one and think you do your best thinkin n dreamin sittin on the porcelain pedestal throne...he he..your sister!!

Joanne Kennedy said...

How funny! I voted for #3 only because there are perverts in this world that would love to see a little girl half naked or on the pot. So #3 would keep those sickos away.


Joyce on her Justified Journey said...

I voted for #3 also, but I do love your current photo. It just seems so perfect. It's kind of interesting to get to know people in blogland by the things they write about and the pictures they share.

A-M said...

Oh Glenda, they are just so precious! I voted for no 3... so cute.... what a little darling! A-M xx

Jann said...

Love the photos, Glenda! I also have one my mother took of me asleep on the potty chair! I like the one of you asleep in the stroller the best! ~Jann

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