18 August 2008

It Sparkles and My Little Shelf Of Treasures

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I am finishing the dresser and will share that soon. My son and I are borrowing a truck from a friend and will be cleaning out the rest of the house and then it's going on the MARKET !!!

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Anonymous said...

It IS all about the sparkle and I love your banner Glenda!
xo Roberta

Joanne Kennedy said...

Love the sparkle of your French banner. So pretty!

Are you going to have a sale of your parents items or keep everything? If you are going to sell things I hope you show us some things and allow us a chance to purchase things.

I would be honored to have something with such a wonderful past life in my collections. I would treasure it forever as it was part of you.

But of course if not, then I fully understand too. I know it can be hard to sell anything of your families.


Anonymous said...

You emit sparkles everywhere you go and it shows on your blog as well. Everyone should have a sparkley sister like you girl!! woof woof tell Miss Brandi Britches and Daisy May auntie says meow!!! Oh and hows "Mousie" doing? Is he holding up to having two girls fighting over him? Or did he have to be put down?? lol


Hi Glenda,
Can't wait to see the dresser :) I agree with Joanne...a peak would be nice :)Take care moving!
Warmly, Deb

Charmingdesigns said...

I love your banner!! Your little chandelier is so cute!!

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