30 August 2008

The House Is on the Market !

Put this image in your head as really sold and it will sell. My sister Photo-Shopped a sold sign in front of it, so with everyone focusing on the outcome it will send it out to the universe and the end result will come sooner. The house will sell in no time flat. 

Focus, focus, focus.

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linda said...

Gotta love photo-shop!

It will sell, it will sell, it will sell...that's the mantra!

Anonymous said...

Yes it will sell... I already have a picture in my head of the person who will buy it. The energy is already out there in the universe bouncing around and it'll hit someone in the noggin and they'll show up.
It's almost Glenda's born day girls.

Donna Lynn said...

Your parents house is just darling, of course it will sell! I will pray that the perfect sweet couple will come and love this house, maybe have 2.1 kids, a big dog, and live many happy years here!!

Glad the light bulb thing helped you, isn't that so fun about blogging, the sharing of ideas?? I have gotten sooooo many great ones from blogging...

Hope your weekend is going well!
Donna Lynn

Victoria Lynn said...

Woo-Hoo! Yay, for you and a job well done. I will keep you in my prayers that your house sells quickly. It's a very charming cottage! Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Bless you, Victoria Lynn

Joyce said...

Glenda - that house is so cute!!! It will sell, I am certain! Dont' worry - just have faith and it will be.

Hope you plan to do something special for your birthday. You need a break for sure. You've had so much going on in your life lately and we only know what you tell us!! Celebrate in a Glenda way!!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

That's the way to follow "The Secret"! I'm focusing on it for you!

It is such an adorable house! It has so much charm to it!

Mary Ruth said...

I wish you luck on a FAST sale! I am putting mine on the market soon too.
I have had problems with my computer so haven't been online much. Getting a new one built and should have it soon! So excited to be faster and more efficient online!
Happy Labor Day! Hope you get to RELAX and spend time with family and loved ones!

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