02 July 2008

This Is Huge ! and Babies New Crib

These Hydrangeas grow across the street from me. I picked some, and put them in my new large water pitcher. I measured them across they are 12 inches. Wow.
The girls cute new dog bed. They aren't sure what to think about it. 

If you are interested in this bed, visit The Bella Cottage.

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linda said...

A gorgeous dog bed for 2 gorgeous dogs...how can they not love it!

CIELO said...

Too cute a bed! and lovely hydrangeas..

Have a great and blessed 4th.


A-M said...

The cutest dog bed ever! A-M xx

Barb said...

How cute is that? I'm sure they will settle right in.

Rue said...

Hi Glenda :)

Gorgeous hydrangeas!! That bed is so cute, I'd sleep in it if I could fit LOL

rue :)

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Glenda!
I LOVE the new dog bed! How elegant is that? They must be thinking you're expecting the queen of doggies to come for a visit. When they realize it's for them they'll be so surprised. LOL

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Oh, oh, I am dying! That bed is darling!

M ^..^

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Those hydrangeas are gorgeous and HUGE! I love that little bed and I think I know where you got it...hehe!

Kari & Kijsa said...

The hydrangeas are stunning! Love the new doggie bed!

Happy Independence Day blessings,
kari & kijsa

Tracie said...

The hydrangeas are gorgeous - wow, that is huge - what are they feeding those lovelies?

That bed is beautiful, Zeke's going to want one. You've got to get a picture of your babies in it once they get used to it. I hope they don't get too scared on the 4th, Zeke sends his calm their way - it doesn't bother him, but one of my cats hides under the bed for hours.

Joanne Kennedy said...

OMG! That bed is just to cute! I love it. I wish I had room for it in my house.


Joy at Cupids Charm said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the dog bed...heck, I'd like to have a bed like that for ME!!! :) ~ xo ~ Joy

Garage sale gal said...

Hi Glenda,
I wish my 3 Jack Russell would sleep in that cute bed, but no, they have to sleep with me and of course they are bed hogs. Only 2 sleep on the bed, the old guy, Scout,sleeps on a rug in the bathroom or hides. He's not always with it. LOVE the flowers. Warmly, Deb

Joy said...

Good grief I love this dog bed!!!

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